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    I remember the thread you are talking about it was full of good guidance. I would ask a moderator to maybe help you find it? Sent from my HTC6500LVW using My Freemasonry mobile app


    Doral Bank in Puerto Rico is hiring people with servicing and default experience. Let me know if you need a contact. I just recently started with Doral, am based in NYC (hiring there too) and travel to PR weekly. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using My Freemasonry mobile app

    Do you wear your lambskin apron to lodge?

    Didn't get mine presented till after I was raised Sent from my HTC6500LVW using My Freemasonry mobile app

    Royal and Select Masters.

    Handing my petition in for further light tomorrow.

    Drug-fueled 'orgy' at Masonic Lodge

    I get that we need to be careful who we rent to... But if these people went so far as to have drugs and film porn are we to be naive enough to think that they wouldn't lie on the paperwork? Give the brothers some credit... At least enough to know that if the paperwork said "reason for...


    Why do you want to join the fraternity?


    Pc here...recently started playing Civ5 and stronghold kingdoms. I have a ps3 but rarely use it...anyone remember the Wing Commander games and the evil kilrathi cats? Classic

    New to the craft and the forum

    Welcome to the forums and Fraternity. I look forward to your posts and insights!

    Dónde están los masones latinos???

    Annawon Lodge #115 West Haven,CT

    Should the Order of the Eastern Star Accept...

    Can't former Rainbow Girls join OES without masonic affiliation? I think they can in CT. Other than that its the same thing here with they have to have lineage or espousal to a Master Mason

    Should the Order of the Eastern Star Accept...

    OES Chapter at our lodge seems to be dwindling.

    Ladies of the Table Lodge

    Annawon Lodge #115, West Haven, CT held it's annual table lodge tonight. The theme was Ladies of the Table Lodge and we got to invite our significant others, daughters, mothers etc. The seven toasts were given, each honoring and toasting a famed woman of history, with the last toast of course...

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    I loved wow until they came out with kungfu panda....i am starting to get into tera, free to play! similar game play, etc..

    Brand new EA

    congratulations, welcome to the fraternity and the boards.

    Charcoal or Gas?


    Petition for Joint Recognition and Visitation

    Thanks for starting this petition. CT allows inter-visitation and dual membership...the harmony between both GL's is a great thing.

    Officer position

    Gentlemen I apologize for throwing this thread just a tad off topic long enough to give a shout out to all the Brothers old and new who have decided to take on an officer position. Having been on this forum before, during, and after my being made, passed and raised, I have read a lot of posts...

    My Confession

    You are obviously still a Mason in your heart, Brother. The Great Architect works in mysterious ways. You've already knocked, the door is open if you choose to walk on in.

    Worshipful Master


    Meet the Masons Show - Episode 2 Podcast, on which I was a guest

    Very nice. I am going to start trying the sit in the car for a few minutes after work before I enter my house. That sounds like a great idea, and I agree, I think i is a good idea to be done prior to lodge, to set the tone and make that transition from the outside world....good job!