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    Vandals deface sign at Masonic Lodge

    Cameras are your best deterant, with the exception of the armed guard approach. You can pull in some cameras into a Cheap PC and have it automatically upload to an internet location like Dropbox. If the computer is stolen, you just log in from anywhere to pull the pictures in from your...
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    Tools for the Lodge Secretary

    I can recommend the software from Allen Lodge. He has done a fine job. The software that I wrote is free, and yes it does indeed need MSAccess to run. I was looking at running it in VB to become stand-alone, but I also wanted it to be Open Source. You can modify the software yourself if you...
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    Movie Quote Game

    cancel, too quick to answer without checking the last page.
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    Mancow Waterboarded

    This is from the same that call spanking in school is wrong. They don't even want the terrorist spanked because it degrades them. Connecting them to electricity, I'd say no. Beatings, I'd say no. Waterboarding, no issues. Spankings, should be done as needed, just like my kids. Isolation...
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    Request for Database opinion.

    I have written a database program for Local Lodge databases and several Lodges use this software to maintain their membership listings, and process reports. Its in its 3rd year I believe and is free for any lodge to use. It is a simple database that has one button actions that do not require...
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    Catholics vs Masonry

    cpt2nd, You have laid out an argument in a clear, spelled out way. But being a Mason first and then a Catholic. Perhaps being a Mason first and then a Catholic might have been raised if at the time I knew of the issue. At the time, it was never raised. I do believe that if we ignore the...
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    Catholics vs Masonry

    I've been posting my opinions on another site run by a Catholic, of which I'm also a Catholic. There is some good information that all Masons should become educated on that are brought out in this forum. I'm not publicising this as a good forum because they attack Masonry, but it wouldn't hurt...
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    Here is some more good news, don't expect Endowment payments in 2010 either. I heard the Grand Lodge predicts the coffers will not be large enough to pay out to the lodges next year, but on top of that, the per capita payments the lodge will have to pay will likely increase from 14.00 to 20.00...
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    Crude oil is getting cheaper — so why isn't gas? Here is a breakdown for the cost of gas. roughly 53 cents on average for the gallon are set for Taxes on the gasoline. shows a map of each state charge for taxes. You can see by the map that...
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    One caution is that if you have any applications built in Microsoft Access, they will not work in OpenOffice. At least that has been my experience. The Lodge database that we use is in Access. However, Microsoft Word can be open and saved as Word files from within OpenOffice.
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    masonic ring question

    I think the original thread meant that on a Signet ring for a seal to come out properly, the G in the square and compass would have to be molded in the ring reversed, or mirror image, so the seal would be recognized in the seal correctly. Otherwise the G would be mirrored in the seal. I...
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    Ben Franklins Masonic Sash

    There was a Franklin Exibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science a few years back. The only Masonic item on display was his apron. Still, the exibit was impressive, even more when you know about what really occurred by benifit of Masonry.
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    Sad News for The Children

    I posted this in another section, but feel it fits this discussion better. I have a slightly different view on the problems of the Galveston Hospital. Been on both sides, as a Mason and the father of a patient. Going strictly on observations and knowing people that work there, I think the...
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    Shriner's hospital closing

    I have a slightly different view on the problems of the Galveston Hospital. Been on both sides, as a Mason and the father of a patient. Going strictly on observations and knowing people that work there, I think the hospital cut it's own throat by sharing services with UTMB. Many residents and...
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    Albert Pike

    There are arguments that can be made for both. I believe he was a devoted Mason. When Pike re-wrote the degrees for the Scottish Rite, I read that Pike had taken some of the Degrees from the York Rite degrees and created a controversy by using them. There are also some of the writings...
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    Lodge Building Sold

    I know of a lodge that could use some new seats. Dickinson Lodge in my district has been looking for some seats for their lodge room, I've sent contact information to the Secretary and called him. I'm sure he will contact you at the earliest opportunity.
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    Is this Appropriate?

    I've heard the same discussion with tatoos. I have no problem with either. I look at a square and compass being on a gun as the same as a Mason wearing a Masonic ring. Its Pride and personal choice, and I'm sure it looks good to. It would only be inappropriate if a person were not a Mason...
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    31st district meets in Alvin. Each of the groups, Masters, Wardens, and Secretaries, break out into indiviual study groups unless there is a topic for all of them to cover. The President or designate directs the organization of groups, but not necessarily the topic itself. Can be very...
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    Does your Lodge implement the A.L.L and L.I.F.E program?

    We had not for several years, but took steps last year to get it going. Purchased all of the material and our most recent Past Master was going to be Marshal and implement the program. Then Hurricane IKE hit, damage to the roof caused water to come down directly over the Secretary desk in the...
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    One More time, Please

    I've been subscribing to a monthly email newsletter for a few years now. Linshaw out of Canada re-publishes works of Masonic interest including lectures and articles from past Masons. Some go way back, others more recent. You can take email or RSS feed and search for keywords and past...