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  1. JohnnyFlotsam

    Is Christianity really compatible with Freemasonry?

    Congratulations on being so pedantic that you completely missed the point.
  2. JohnnyFlotsam

    Is Christianity really compatible with Freemasonry?

    To... equality? Mind, I am not taking the "let's open mainstream Masonry to women" stance, but I see a rather important distinction between a candidate's beliefs re. Deity and whether or not said candidate is sporting certain anatomy. I will likely never sit in Lodge with two of the finest...
  3. JohnnyFlotsam

    New Bot posts philosophical question

    We find it "acceptable" because to do otherwise would be fundamentally un-Masonic. Our catechism makes it clear that we are to pursue the teachings of our own VoSL with vigor. It says absolutely nothing about compelling, or even expecting, a Brother to study and live by that same Volume. As...
  4. JohnnyFlotsam

    What is Philosophy?

    One of the first college courses I took was titled (something like) "Philosophy 102: Introduction to Symbolic Logic". A requirement for the journalism major I was pursuing at the time, it was not something I would have elected. It turned out to be the single most valuable course I ever took. It...
  5. JohnnyFlotsam

    Answers to your Catholic Questions

    Please get your facts straight before posting.
  6. JohnnyFlotsam

    Can Masonry do more, to assist people in learning about the Constitution?

    I submit that, as Masons, we would better serve the interests of our nation and it's citizens, by renewing our institution's commitment to education. A thorough understanding of the U.S. Constitution requires more than just being able to read the words. Mastery of several of the "seven liberal...
  7. JohnnyFlotsam

    another Fundraiser thread (complaint)

    Make it twenty bucks and let's replace that ratty carpet. :)
  8. JohnnyFlotsam

    Military Personal?

    Every single member of the uniformed services is taught that they are subordinate to to the chain of command, which ends with the Commander in Chief. By extension, that command serves at the pleasure of the electorate. Some members have clearly forgotten the oath they swore.
  9. JohnnyFlotsam

    Feelings about wearing light...

    Please define "knowledge secrecy".
  10. JohnnyFlotsam

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    Congratulations, Brother. You are going to have a fun year.
  11. JohnnyFlotsam

    Favorite degree postion

    Ditto on the SD position. Lots of work, but hey, isn't that what we're there for?
  12. JohnnyFlotsam

    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    We agree completely, Brother. Bigger is fine, if that's what it takes to accommodate. I am always inspired by the grand Masonic venues of the early twentieth century. At the same time, I am depressed when I attend some function in one and see it 80% empty. And I am frustrated by men who seem to...
  13. JohnnyFlotsam

    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    Membership is not a "problem". We don't "need" more members. We need good Masons, first and foremost. Not enough dues-paying members to support the Lodge building that was built when membership was higher? Raise the dues, move to a less expensive venue, merge, whatever. Just don't think that...
  14. JohnnyFlotsam

    Traditional observance

    You must be new here. :) GL politics are seldom something that reflects the will of the members, or even common sense.
  15. JohnnyFlotsam

    A Query: Are there any other Episcopalian/Anglican Masons here?

    Several years ago, a next door neighbor was an Episcopal priest. While initially (and visibly) taken aback by the spiritual practices going on next door, she rose to the challenge admirably and we (she, my wife and I) quickly found ourselves with far more in common than not. Somewhere over the...
  16. JohnnyFlotsam

    "What is the purpose of God in Freemasonry?"

    Bryan's observation is most astute, but I was really looking at your implicit notion that any particular deity, especially one spelled with an upper case "G", has "a place" in Masonry, as if the fraternity itself recognized such a thing and that our labors are somehow liturgical in nature. If...
  17. JohnnyFlotsam

    Mason Day in Brazil

    Wow. A national holiday for Freemasonry. We should have that... What? It could happen. :rolleyes:
  18. JohnnyFlotsam

    "What is the purpose of God in Freemasonry?"

    There isn't one, as your question frames the definition of "God". Freemasonry gives great importance to a belief in Deity, but offers no opinion (for lack of a better term) on the nature of that Deity, nor on any given collection of dogma purporting to reveal such nature. So the better question...
  19. JohnnyFlotsam

    Looking to start a record collection

    Oh dear. I see an audiophile in the making... Are you dead set on playing vinyl?
  20. JohnnyFlotsam

    Sufism, Rumi and freemasonry

    Yep. I once delivered a paper to my lodge during the GM's visit on this very subject, the similarities between certain Masonic principals and those of various chivalric orders, including Sufism. "The Way of Sufi Chivalry", by Ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami, is an interesting read. For the Sufi, the...