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    Return of the spammer

    Thats great for you. But what if a new member comes here and the first thing they see is all of his drivel.
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    Past Master Aprons

    I have. But only because I spent enough money on it and I like bringing it out once in a while. And it is snazzy. But usually it just hangs out in my apron case.
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    The Masonic Leader's Mindset - Short video lessons for leaders.

    Definitely better production value than many videos I have seen. Subscribed and I'll for sure check out some more of your videos. Thank you, Brother.
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    Return of the spammer

    The spammer has returned. Yay. Hopefully we can get this guy booted before he takes over the forum again.
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    Watch what you say in here

    Maybe make a new post in the introduction section and introduce yourself and tell us what brought you here.
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    Watch what you say in here

    I think you are mistaken. We have Freemasons in here from many different jurisdictions with widely differing customs and practices. Brothers frequently post in here that leave the rest of us scratching our heads. Especially when our Prince Hall Brothers post things that leave us all very...
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    Watch what you say in here

    What word? Clandestine? That word isn't a Masonic secret.
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    Watch what you say in here

    Was there a specific instance you are referring to? What is the "public and it's Clan"? How do we know you aren't one of those trying to impersonate us?
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    New membership

    Your profile looks like you are in Ghana. Here is the contact info from the UGLE website. District Grand Lodge of Ghana District Grand Master Isaac O. Hood District Grand Secretary Ebenezer A. Sackey Address 19 Liberia Road Adjacent to TUC Headquarters, P.O. Box GP 409 Accra Ghana Telephone...
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    Pandora’s box

    Freemasonry moves glacially slow sometimes. This provides an excellent opportunity to grow. Do an internet search on Masonic Patience and read some articles.
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    Mentally Ill Poster

    Seriously, I hope you get the help you obviously need.
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    Mentally Ill Poster

    Reddit bounces this guy without delay whenever he shows up there, why can't we get more active moderation here? Heaven forbid you subscribe to a forum whenever he is off his meds.
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    Family Of Murdered Texas Mason Suing Lodge For Negligence

    Just one more in the ever growing number of lawsuits that go after one of the victims, in this case, the Lodge that lost a Brother, instead of who is actually at fault. We have a virtually nationwide epidemic of undiagnosed and untreated mental illness that everyone knows exists but very little...
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    Masonic Music

    You may have overestimated his popularity outside of rap circles.
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    Freemasons are still human with all our flaws and foibles. Have you tried talking to him about your dissatisfaction with your current situation?
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    Masonic Music

    As you can see by the original post, this thread was created by Brother Stoffo to discuss musical accompaniment in Lodge. If you want to start a new post to discuss Masonic musical artists I am sure some might find that interesting.
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    Masonic Music

    He fully admits he is not a Freemason but that he has been studying Freemasonry for 20 years. He goes on in this interview to say that he has known Masons all his life and that Masons trust him with their secrets and that he is considered a 33rd degree Freemason. So, basically, he's cosplaying...
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    Masonic Music

    I'm guessing the rapper from South Bronx.
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    In Need of Advice...

    True, but we aren't discussing any Masonic secrets here. And the parts that aren't secret don't need to be couched in parables or cryptic speech.
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    Are you a Freemason? Sounds like you never took the plunge. Many of us see the shrinking not as a bad thing, but a correction. And while some progressive jurisdictions have eased the restrictions on recruiting, many still hold to the traditional method that a man must ask to begin the process...