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  1. JJones

    The Need for Masonic Leadership with R.W. Dave McHam

    We interview R.W. Dave McHam this week to discuss opportunities for vendors at the pop-up shop that will be close to Grand Lodge for our upcoming annual session. We also look at some examples of how Freemasons used to be the leaders in our communities and why we should consider revisiting the...
  2. JJones

    Fort Worth #148 Podcast - S2E12: Masonic Improvement w/ Special Guest, Justin Jones

    So I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the brothers of the Fort Worth Masonic Lodge podcast! Give it a listen! #masonicimprovement #freemasonry #masonic
  3. JJones

    Malware preventing access to this site

    I've been having this issue almost daily. I try coming to the website and get redirected to various questionable sites. It's hit or miss though, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, it doesn't matter if I try using my computer or another device either.
  4. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    I was under the impression that the readings had to come from the program? I'll be honest, I love Masonic education but I've quickly learned to dread these readings as much as I dread Grand Communications.
  5. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    Have you read some of the comments on that FB post? It's disheartening to read what some brothers have to say about this.
  6. JJones

    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    I know I've already left my opinion on this thread but I feel this blog post is relevant to the topic:
  7. JJones

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    Well, the fraternity is going to change but it's still in the air if the changes will be brought on by our actions or inactions. As a fraternity we need to come to terms with this. Lodge demographics are changing and this will result in changes over time. I don't think this has to be a bad...
  8. JJones

    New MWSA site

    Agreed! I'll have to ask how you did that sometime Brother Crono.
  9. JJones

    Letter of good standing? In TX?

    I just went through this process myself. Contact your secretary for your home lodge about it, he should be able to mail you what you need. Best of luck!
  10. JJones

    What should we do with new Master Masons?

    I'm under the impression that trying to shoehorn a new MM into an officer's chair or committee before they are ready or interested does more harm than good...and usually results in the brother becoming inactive. Trying to recruit him into every appendant body he's qualified to join has the same...
  11. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    Hey! I just moved 30 min away from Waco, don't go talking them into moving further away again. :P It was my understanding from GL that Baylor may be interested in using the facilities for their orchestra.
  12. JJones

    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    That's it in a nutshell. The majority seem to want to keep the building but nobody wants to pay for it. 3/4 of the room stood up and voted to find a way to keep the building but about 1/4 actually voted in favor of paying for it. I appreciate it's historic value but it sounds like the place...
  13. JJones

    Meeting Brothers in public.

    Things like: "Hello, brother" or "What lodge are you from?" work really well. :) I've also heard brothers been asked "Are you a travelling man?"
  14. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    Thanks again for this. :) From what I've read, I think it's a step in the right direction. When a huge percentage of brethren seem to think that masonic education begins and ends with the catechism it was probably a wise idea to provide some pre-made education programs..even if most of them...
  15. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    I missed all of the we have a link somewhere or did I completely miss a thread?
  16. JJones

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    This is the decision I disagree with the most. I feel this is, or close to, being a violation of our obligations and the whole approach feels sketchy to me. I was pretty saddened by the atmosphere in the room towards anyone who objected to it.
  17. JJones

    Mutual Intervisitation Between The Grand Lodge Of Texas And The Prince Hall Grand Lodge Of Texas App

    I wonder how many visiting GLOTX members are going to fill underdressed when sitting in their first PH lodge. :)
  18. JJones

    Why I demited out of York Rite

    That's good to know. Doesn't the entire Commandry need to adopt one uniform or the other? I'm just asking for clarification as it seems that uniforms would have to be...well, uniform. I don't suppose I've attended since any changes to the drill have taken place. I live closer to a more...
  19. JJones


    This is great news!
  20. JJones

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    I'm bringing my dad so I probably won't be there late enough to meet at Cricket's. Hopefully I'll still see some of you guys there though. :)