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  1. choppersteve03

    1911 the gun inspired by god

    thanks luke i will check them out
  2. choppersteve03

    1911 the gun inspired by god

    so do you own a 1911? what do you like about it? i love my 1911 its my first one, its a remington 1911r1 and it shoots like a dream ight outta the box. what mods should do? its a standard 1911 goverment.
  3. choppersteve03

    Gone By The Wayside

    lest i forget A.M. radio
  4. choppersteve03

    Greetings! PHAmily

    guard the west well brother
  5. choppersteve03

    Gone By The Wayside

    nolan ryan,bill buckner and wade boggs dukes of hazard,smokey and the bandit, the shining old chevelle station wagons riding your horse in to town just for the summertime adventure of getting a pop. and it was an all day affair to get there and back.
  6. choppersteve03

    Shaq Brings Holiday Cheer

    i love brother shaq, he has such a big heart, we could all learn a bit from his charity.
  7. choppersteve03

    new junior deacon

    thank you brothers for your encouraging words, all of your advice and thanks have been very helpful. thank you.
  8. choppersteve03

    One black ball?

    here in iowa its been one black ball.
  9. choppersteve03

    New to the site

    welcome brother!
  10. choppersteve03

    new junior deacon

    thank you brother bruce
  11. choppersteve03

    Ring question

    congrads brother, that ring looks like a real honey of a ring.
  12. choppersteve03

    Need Gift Ideas

    masonic key fob from the texas prison museum website.
  13. choppersteve03

    Discovery Channel Programs

    iam 50/50 on the tv shows, yah its good pubicity and i think the shows are entertaining. but some of the stuff is untrue, and it makes me feel bad that some brother might be in violation of his obligation,with some of the info thats presented.
  14. choppersteve03

    New Brother on the block.

    welcome brother
  15. choppersteve03

    new junior deacon

    well i was appointed the new junior deacon of acacia 176, i must say i have my reservations about this position. this is my first time as a lodge officer,and iam worried about doing a good job. do any of you brothers have any words of advise?
  16. choppersteve03

    Received The Scottish Rite Degrees

    congradulations brother kyle, i cant wait to join the scottish rite, it sounds so enlightening.
  17. choppersteve03

    Going to be a Shriner

    Sorry brother not a shriner, iam joining the mystic order of the veiled prophets of the enchanted realm, the grotto for short. They are just like the shrine,but we help cerabalpalsy kids,its also got the bad rap as, the poor mans shrine(wich it isn't).
  18. choppersteve03

    EA Degree

    Congratulations gld, hold on to your hat the ea,is just the beginning of a lifelong mind bending experience. Oh the things you will learn,and the things you will see will change you forever.
  19. choppersteve03

    Best wife in the world alert!!!!!

    Well iam glad to hear she is okay.
  20. choppersteve03

    Going to be a Shriner