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  1. rhitland

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Educate, don't legislate!
  2. rhitland

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Bro. Bill if you have the report could post the death to raised report for the most current year? I believe it is in the Grand Sec. report they hand out???
  3. rhitland


    Stick it out and do not let anyone push you around in your own lodge even old PMs. Sometimes when making a good man better he is required to do things that are very hard and way outside his comfort zone. Above all be nice and remember peace and harmony.
  4. rhitland

    Wearing the Bling

    I took a quick look at TX GL law last night and could not find the law so I fear I was talking out the side of my mouth. It seems very real that I read it in the law long ago but that could be my mind mixing rumors into fact! :( I will look a little harder this weekend.
  5. rhitland

    What Lodge position do you currently serve?

    Secretary My Freemasonry
  6. rhitland

    Wearing the Bling

    You can receive a Masonic funeral if you are an ea or fc in TX but it Is law only MM can wear jewelry. To me seems if you can get a funeral you should be able to wear jewelry if so desired. My Freemasonry
  7. rhitland

    What Do New Freemasons Really Want?

    We want to be engaged in manner that makes us want to labor on our own reformation not Freemasonry's. This would certainly include philosophy but much more. Us young masons want to share and learn from older wisdom but not be judged by our own interpretations. By and large this is what...
  8. rhitland

    Advice for a new lodge secretary?

    I am not so sure about "well" but I have seen a young guy pull off secretary.
  9. rhitland

    Creating a New Lodge

    I'll take the big lodge. I would love to be apart of a big active lodge.
  10. rhitland

    Are long form degree lectures worth it?

    I say go for it crono. The long form is certainly worth memorizing and given till committed to memory but in the long term not worth perpetually giving. IMHO The long form is beautiful though and certainly worth any masons time to memorize.
  11. rhitland

    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    Re: Membership and participation in Freemasonry to 148 invested in a website that quickly paid for itself. Very powerful tool for a lodge.
  12. rhitland

    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    Re: Membership and participation in Freemasonry to I do not believe we can "fix" masonry and it's membership woes the craft is made to fix us not vice versa.
  13. rhitland

    Question regarding "ongoing" fundraising and more.

    Re: Question regarding "ongoing" fundraising and m Not many men come to masonry to raise money but if they believe in what they are practicing they will raise money to perpetuate it. I would bet a stomach bug kept most of your lodge at home as opposed to the reasons you listed though. IMHO
  14. rhitland

    Traditional observance lodges are they good for th

    Re: Traditional observance lodges are they good fo Of all the things a TO lodge brings to the table it is amazing dress code is what kills it for most. I cannot imagine what a lodge would be like if I knew the men their where expecting me to bring my A game to philosophize with them...
  15. rhitland

    5 Masonic books you can't live without

    I had a list of 5 but that picture of the paddle brought memories flooding my brain from school. Are you an old school teacher Big Dre or that paddle have masonic significance?
  16. rhitland

    Traditional observance lodges are they good for th

    Re: Traditional observance lodges are they good fo I have had more than a few discussions about TO and or Masonic Restoration lodges and it is funny/ironic how they almost always get hung up on the dress code. I am not sure about all of these lodges but most do not have dress codes in their...
  17. rhitland

    What to do when event turns anti-masonic

    Not sure about where you are from but here in Texas the EA charge goes over that and we are to remain quite and cordial, as masons we are taught and we try to put our zeal to more positive uses.
  18. rhitland

    Failed first attempt to prove up on the EA

    Overcoming this struggle is one of the greatest opportunities Masonry affords us in our struggle for self-improvement. Good men gettin better ain't easy even in Seattle!! Keep studying Bro and it will be all good.
  19. rhitland

    Poll: Masonic Member Retention

    IMHO I believe most men leave because lodge is not stimulating them or their minds. When they finally get raised if they make it that far find that the majority of our secret conversations and brightest minds are philosophizing on the quandary of dwindling membership. In short our focus is...
  20. rhitland

    Movie Quote Game

    Columbo? Freemason Connect HD