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  1. LCWebb

    Iron Man 3

    Looks like they are gonna go with the self aware suit storyline.
  2. LCWebb

    Code book?

    I have one, really helpful.
  3. LCWebb

    Waco Reunion

    Anybody going to the reunion in Waco tomorrow (13 Oct)? Four of us from San Angelo are coming down to get in before the price increase.
  4. LCWebb


    Here is the glitch: Go to Dawnstar, stay to the right coming in town and go to iron breaker mine but do not go in. To the left of the entrance are some trees with rocks underneath. Stand under the tree closest to the mine and scan the ground/rocks until it says "search chest". Get what you...
  5. LCWebb


    Blake, Let me know what you think. Found a pretty neat glitch that lets you get pretty much unlimited gold and some other cool stuff.
  6. LCWebb


    Easily one of the best games I've ever played. Immense and intricate.
  7. LCWebb


    Just wondering if anyone else plays and has tips to swap.
  8. LCWebb

    Raised last night!

    Congrats brother! Remember, this is just the start of your journey.
  9. LCWebb

    Bridging The Gap

    I certainly hope so.
  10. LCWebb

    I was a bad boy...

    Hahahaha love it
  11. LCWebb

    Who and Where are they now?

    Hiram Lodge #4 Franklin TN I have seen him in some promotional stuff before as well.
  12. LCWebb

    Who and Where are they now?

    Yes, Paisley is a MM; SR and Shrine as well.
  13. LCWebb


    Congratulations and welcome!
  14. LCWebb


    I agree with Brothers Bridge and K.S.
  15. LCWebb

    Can't wait!

  16. LCWebb

    Your cartoon or comic book superhero.

    Batman, hands down.
  17. LCWebb

    New Noble!

    Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to see the Houston hospital this coming weekend.
  18. LCWebb

    New Noble!

    Had a great time today at the Suez ceremonial. Proud to be a new noble and look forward to a lot more work and fun.
  19. LCWebb

    An honest question for all.

    Hermes as in Mercury?
  20. LCWebb

    Conferred My First Ever Degree

    That is awesome and I am excited for you brother!