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  1. MarkR

    Freemason in Saudi Arabia?

    Not just a restriction. Freemasonry is illegal in Saudi Arabia.
  2. MarkR

    Baphomet Stuffed Toy

  3. MarkR


    Fraternal greetings and welcome, brother!
  4. MarkR

    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    Job's has changed to "related to or sponsored by a Master Mason."
  5. MarkR

    How can I join

    I don't think anybody mentioned Maryland. There's a Reheboth in Delaware. That's what we were reacting to. You have to go a couple of pages deep in his profile before you see the "Windhoek" part.
  6. MarkR

    Lodges in Malaysia? I want to become a Mason.

    Since you're also in Malaysia, your question has already been answered in the posts above.
  7. MarkR

    How can I join
  8. MarkR

    New member soon to be initiated

    Greetings Tobias, and welcome to the board!
  9. MarkR

    Entire Progressive Line quits!

    That's a shame.
  10. MarkR

    Entire Progressive Line quits!

    Somebody nominate the SW for WM, let somebody else nominate the PM, and let the lodge decide. Or can't it be done that way in your jurisdiction?
  11. MarkR

    Liturgy - English Version
  12. MarkR

    NMJ Virtual Reunion

    We're doing the KCCH in St. Paul in a couple of weeks, and 33° a month later in Minneapolis. A trip to Minneapolis in late November is often an adventure!
  13. MarkR

    NMJ Virtual Reunion

    And yet, the NMJ did a regular Annual Session in Cleveland last month, including the 33° conferral in a packed auditorium, but the SJ did their annual session with only the Supreme Council present, and no 33° conferral. Meanwhile, my SJ valley is conducting business as usual, conferring and/or...
  14. MarkR

    The Lost Symbol TV Show

    Did you watch his YouTube commentary? By the way, I found the book extremely disappointing. It was a typical Brown page-turner, but the end left me thinking "that's it? All that for this?" There is free programming on Peacock, and there is programming only available to those with paid...
  15. MarkR

    The Lost Symbol TV Show

    I'm not a subscriber, and don't intend to be, so I didn't watch. However, I did watch Brother Maynard Edwards's YouTube video about the Masonic symbolism in the first episode. You don't have to have watched the show to get something out of it.
  16. MarkR

    New Member

    Pleased to meet you!
  17. MarkR

    The Lost Symbol TV Show

    I was under the understanding that you have to have the subscription (paid) version of Peacock for this show.
  18. MarkR

    How to Join?

    You need to say where you live.
  19. MarkR

    Freemasonry AS religion?

    Freemasonry has no dogma, doesn't tell you what is a sin and what isn't, doesn't prescribe a path to salvation. So it doesn't meet the definition of a religion. But I remember when Brother Ernest Borgnine said "Freemasonry is all the religion I need." I fully understood what he was saying...
  20. MarkR

    Hello from Tulsa, Akdar 555

    Greetings, and 73 de KB9RM