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    Affordable Health Care (Warning)

    what will the pros and cons be with the government shutdowns. and the obamacare. what's the deal. .....
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    Your Ring

    what so you think....
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    Initiated Tonight

    the 2&3 are rather short. keep on track. the best is yet to come...... the better you learn the ea. the easier the fc and mm will be. just remember that every brother in that room went through the same thing you are.
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    Clandestine Freemasons

    i have heard that there is a lodge in the area that the prep. room is painted black and has skulls and candles. haven't been there to see it yet.
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    Wife in Hospital

    praying for the both of you...
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    Cipher Books In Lodge

    i found one that is dated in late 1800's. the brother it belonged to was from wy. bought it due to age. ( collection item ) not as a study reference.
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    Newly Raised

    congrats my brother
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    Cipher Books In Lodge

    have seen them for sale on ebay. are the books the same from state to state
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    New Master Mason

    Congrats and welcome brother
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    Initiated Tonight

    Congratulations brother, it gets a lot better.
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    Christ or the Lodge? A Report on Freemasonry

    you hit that nail on the head..... well said my brother.....
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    The Pawnbroker

    excellent story
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    your thoughts on the direction government is headed

    Well said my brother. The foundation of this great country is based on our many freedoms. If we continue to allow the government the Take them we will all be puppets on strings. Why is it that with the economy and the stock market at an all time high. We as a country can not come out of this...
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    your thoughts on the direction government is headed

    what are your thoughts on the way the government is ran and the path that we are going down. With the current economy falling in to a pit and our rights being trampled on, what do you foresee. Is the change for the good or bad.
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    raised to master mason tonight 2-27-2013

    I was raised tonight. That is one memory that i will not forget. I was totally mind blown to say the least. nothing can prepare you for the third. The degree team and brother's set the mood and made it feel like i Stepped back in time. Speechless rest of night.
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    Corpus Christi Scottish Rite Reunion (August 6th)

    What are the yearly dues for Sr. Do i have to go to all meetings. I live 70 mi. North of cc. Is it going to be all memory work as in the preceding. What does it cost to attend reunion. Is that how to move up in degrees.
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    lodge ritual exams

    My journey in masonry started on June 9th 2012. I turned in my fc proficiency tonight (Feb. 7th ) And as set to be raised to the degree of mm on Feb 20th. This far i chosen to learn both question and answer in my degree work. I plan to someday teach the upcoming new generation of masons the work...
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    .Taking the big step

    Well said my brother. When you have to start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it’s probably time to change the people around you.
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    EA work

    I turned mine in sec. The first part took me almost 3 months to learn. The 2nd and 3rd were a month Each. Had to learn The questions and answers. Well worth it. I believe that is where you find out if your Heart is in masonry. I am from a very small lodge,and when in lodge it feels like everyone...
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    EA work

    Did you turn in all 3 sec. At the same time or did your lodge let you turn in your Work in sec.