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    Yellow Dog Degree

    Smart move, and check if side degrees are legal. I'm pretty sure they are not permitted in Texas if conferred as a degree.
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    Masonic training

    I think it would be a good idea, but I would do it in a Masonic context. The seven liberal arts and sciences are cornerstones of Masonry, and many of the things you mention can be studies through them, ritual practice or similar.
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    32* Out of Touch Help

    The meetings are easy to go to. There is no secret passwords or other stuff you have to remember, and the one "salute" there is you can easily follow what the rest of the crowd is doing. I'd suggest to just start showing up, maybe get involved in a degree with a smaller part. SR always needs...
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    How Awful and Repugnant it is...

    I've just made the decision to leave most of the FB groups. As you mentioned they've either been full of trolls or just navel gazing poetry that is of little value. If it doesn't add to my time or light, and even detracts from it, then I'm not going to spend time on it.
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    Many Degrees vs. 3

    I think you have a point, but at the same time I also believe there is something special about being the only one going through - and not being the 3rd one in the evening when everyone is getting tired. To me the essence of your question speaks to lodge activity. The US is one of the only...
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    Masonic Podcasts

    I like The Masonic Roundtable a lot too. Listened a bit to Whence came you, but not too much yet. Need to give it another chance. Have also tried the new SR podcast, The Tyler's place or whatever it's called, but that one I'm not finding interesting at all.
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    Swedish Rite

    Yes, the Nordic Grand Lodges are recognized and as regular as can be both with UGLE and GLOTX.
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    Gold Collar?

    Gold collars is usually what the officers of the GL wears, but haven't heard the term specifically. Maybe it'll be the whole Grand Line doing your degree?
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    Featured Podcasts

    How about The Winding Stairs and The Masonic Roundtable?
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    How many new lodges ?

    Which things are you thinking about?
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    How many new lodges ?

    Check among other resources. Can also recommend Cliff Porter's book "A Traditional Observance Lodge" if you haven't read it.
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    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    He should of course be put to work in the quarries, but try and find out what he likes himself. If he's big on ritual point him in that direction. If he's more the organizational type, have him help there. However always remember that in any case his masonic journey should continue with more...
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    How many new lodges ?

    Probably not many. Most GL laws in different jurisdictions are very tough on the requirements for starting new lodges, so it rarely happen. I know of one in Houston within the last 3 years or so, and think that may more or less be it in Texas.
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    Question about switching lodges

    Basically what Ryan said. Most jurisdictions require you to get a "Certificate of good standing" from your current lodge that'll go with your petition to your new lodge, so talk to your secretary and WM, about what's going on and they should be able to help you getting the paperwork sorted...
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    Masonic History Books

    The Mason's Word by brother Robert G Davis is one of the best books about how the ritual evolved in general, but especially in the US. Very much worth a read. Old Tyler Talks by Carl Claudy is another easy book that can be downloaded. Otherwise for shorter articles, some of the various...
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    Texas KOP

    Slightly OT, but you have to get the music from the front page removed. Any time I log into a page and my speakers start blasting I just close it down and don't waste more time on there.
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    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    I don't get why GL doesn't take this as an opportunity to make some money. Either by publishing it themselves or by licensing it for a cut of the profits. This should be a sure way of getting some inflow. Most masons will buy the new version when it comes out.
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    2014 Proposed Resolutions and Recommendations (GLoTX AF&AM)

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think one of the problems with the building is the way the land is structured. I've been told that it's not owned by GL, but only on loan to us through some old decree, but the minute that the GL isn't on it any more it reverts back to the original owners...
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    Swedish Rite

    Yesterday The Masonic Roundtable - actually had an episode on the Swedish Rite that might be worth checking it. And whilst you're add it check some of their other episodes. They are very enjoyable and enlightening.
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    York Rite light

    I don't know what kind of masons that you hang, but that's not the experience I've had at all in my valley. As I think I said another place, I think SR is often considered the "university of masonry" and there is a lot of knowledge, studies and light to be gained there. That should hopefully be...