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  1. California Master

    Master Elect

    Congratulataions my Brother. I'm sure that you will have a great year.
  2. California Master

    On Top of the Pyramids

    Nice photos. S&C are very discernable.
  3. California Master

    New position

    Good luck Brent. This position is nothing for a stepper like you. Thanks for serving your district. I'm sure that you DDGM appreciates you.
  4. California Master

    What's a brother to due

    Turning loose after a two term run will be hard. But, it will come to you. Get involved with teaching or focus on degree work. Good luck.
  5. California Master

    Shriner's Screening Clinic

    My Brothers, Tomorrow, Nor-Cal Shrine Club, Redding, CA, will be holding their annual screening clinic for possible candidates to the hospital in Sacramento. We are a club of Ben Ali Temple in Sac. We have one of the best turnouts each year. We will screen probably 45 kids in about 4 hours. We...
  6. California Master

    Past Master Night

    Out here we have Past Master's nights. However, we put on 3rd degrees with the entire line consisting of Past Masters. I look forward to them each year. They ususally bring out a pretty good crowd as well. It's great to see PM's doing the ritual. As we say out here, Past Masters are infalible...
  7. California Master

    Endowments in Texas

    I'll bet the brothers that are resisting renting also have Endowed memberships.....You do have to be careful, but, it can be a way of getting extra income. We shouldn't hide Masonry from the public. Unfortunately, there are those brothers who can't turn loose of the secracy thing. Good luck with...
  8. California Master

    Raised tonight

    I'll bet it was a little different than what you expected, huh? Congratulations on being Raised. I still remember mine vivdly. August 12, 1978. What a day it was. It was on a Saturday. We had a blood bank going on and there were 3 Master Masons raised that day. I was raised about 30 minutes...
  9. California Master

    Endowments in Texas

    When the Endowment membership was started way back in the early 80's, the endowments were getting around 15% return on the investments. At the time, I remember GL and others saying that this was going to be the answer to all lodge problems. I purchased my endowed membership for $500.00. I was in...
  10. California Master

    Is there a difference?

    Remember your EA degree......"it is the internal, and not the external qualifications" etc.. Money cannot buy Masonic influence no more than money can buy a person's way into Heaven.
  11. California Master

    My Confession

    Worshipful Blake, I too, am sorry to hear about your situation and circumstances. I would feel the same. I only know you through this forum. But, I am a pretty good judge of character. You are top notch in my books. I am honored to have met you here. Take your time and return to lodge when you...
  12. California Master

    My Confession

    Brother Mike, get back into Masonry. I'm sure that you will be welcomed with open arms. Masonry needs and wants you.
  13. California Master

    Texas Marshall - Baton, or nor baton?

    In California, the Marsall uses the baton. The Deacons and the Stewards all use their rods.
  14. California Master

    How do you fill about Conspiracy theories like the Illuminati?

    Welcome young man. I hope you find a good lodge that will fullfill your hopes and dreams. This is the greatest fraternity in the world. Don't get too taken up with all of the hype. People like to throw out theories. I just laugh at them (one of my daughter-in-laws) and say that I don't have time...
  15. California Master

    What a Great Morning!

    Congratulations! Take the time to take in everything that you are about to encounter. I will tell you as I tell all new may have heard this before, but it is so true. You get out of Masonry what you put into it. As you progress, you will understand what I'm saying. Sit back...
  16. California Master

    Scottish Rite

    Good luck Jerry. I hope that you enjoy the degrees. And, I hope that you get someone to ride with. I took my degrees in 1978 in the old Scottish Rite Temple when it was downtown.
  17. California Master


    I enjoyed it. You should too if it's put on well. I'm sure that it will be done well.
  18. California Master

    Just Curious

    I joined the Scottish Rite about 3 months after being raised. Probably a little too soon, but, I had several lodge brothers who belonged and they wanted me to join. Never regretted it at all. I waited about 2 years before joing the Shrine. Quite frankly, I thought that the Shrine was too rich...
  19. California Master

    Are Tattoos permissable ?

    They can do amazing things with cover-up tats these days. I've seen some things completely disappear with a cover-up.
  20. California Master

    Grand Lodge of California revokes recognition of The Snakes

    Unfortunately they are Masons (not for long). They just aren't acting like Masons. Their clandestine ritual is pretty distasteful as well as humiliating. I have heard that they make their candidates strip completely naked and then make them lay on the floor and act like an inchworm or a snake...