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    Being Truly Prepared

    Brother Bowden, this is truly an exellent post and something to learn from. Wish this had been here when I started my journey. Again thanks for a great job well done.
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    Endowed Memberships

    I'm endowed in two lodges, and I do pay the per capita in the belief that it is the right thing to do. To me the endowment is to leave something for the lodge when I'm no longer there.
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    The King and the Craft: King George VI

    Very good article. I really enjoyed it so much of our history is connected with England both in the craft and in other ways..
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    Kinds of Masons: An Old Tiler Talk

    Thank you, what a great posting....
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    What is a Mason?

    Thank you Brother Tupper, this piece of writing was very awe inspiring to me. It reminded me of several instances where an explanation was not complete as it could have been.Again, thank you.
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    Musical Introduction to Masonry

    This is or has to be one of a kind life experience. Absolutely outstanding//
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    The Impact of Masonry on the Constitutional Convention

    Excellent article and there are a lot of things I can agree with. But I most definitely agee with "put first things first".
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    The Masonic Ring

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem. It truly is a wonderful thing to wear a ring like that....
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    The best event in a masons life.

    That sure brings about and back a flood of memories...Thank you for sharing...
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    Received from a Brother

    Well done that is an excellent poem. Thank you David for sharing....
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    Book on the Altar

    Me thinks there is a wonderful lesson in this writing. Would it be possible for me to copy it or find a copy for use in some of the lessons in our lodge. Thanks again for sharing....
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    They All Came Just For Me

    This is excellent, it brought back many memories....
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    Value Meal Masonry

    THANK YOU very much.