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  1. David Hill

    3, 5 and 7 staircase with inner chamber

    That's really cool! I would love to see a FC degree conferred on an actual staircase like that.
  2. David Hill

    Which finger do you wear your ring on and why?

    I fully agree. I wear mine with the S&C out because it feels odd for me to wear it in a manner that I would perceive as upside down. It's an aesthetic thing to me. The weight and presence of the ring is reminder enough.
  3. David Hill

    Giving It Up

    That's hilarious!
  4. David Hill

    Table Lodge Legislation

    That resolution is a shame. The table lodges that've been to have been very inspirational, and frankly, they've been the best part of my blue lodge experience so far. I suspect that the resolution centers on the issue of alcohol. I'll read it and bring it up at my lodge at the next stated meeting.
  5. David Hill


    I usually sit in the north during degree work. Not many brothers seem to sit in the north. I don't know if it superstition on my brothers' part, but I like to see a balanced lodge room. So you'll usually find me on the north wall striving to lend balance to the lodge room
  6. David Hill

    Seeking copy of Francken Manuscript in PDF

    Italian link sent in PM.
  7. David Hill

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    I'm the first in my family. The husband of a cousin of mine became a Mason a few years before me, but no one in my direct lineage has been a Mason to my knowledge.
  8. David Hill

    Seeking copy of Francken Manuscript in PDF

    Kessinger Publishing offers a wealth of information, but their photocopied manuscripts are such poor quality. Unfortunately, they're often to only company that offers more esoteric titles. Please add me to the list of folks interested in a PDF copy of the Francken Manuscript. That would be very...
  9. David Hill

    My lodge building burned down

    It appears to have been a gorgeous lodge building. However, the history, the stories, and the love shared between brethren are in our hearts, not our buildings. I hope that a new, more glorious edifice is raised for your lodge and that the spirit of the men who make up the lodge raise it to new...
  10. David Hill

    What made you seek the light?

    I had been interested in Masonry for 15 years, but I had not been in a place in my life where I could devote the time. I was either too young and wild or, later on, in college and grad school. When I finished my academic work and returned home to put down roots, I knew it was time to join the...
  11. David Hill

    Mountain-Top Degree on Historic Comanche Peak

    I won't be able to make it this year, but if it does rain, be sure to send the weather to Austin. We could use it!
  12. David Hill

    The angelic tablets.

    John Dee and Edward Kelly created the tablets. Message me directly and I can give you resources to help you explore the Enochian system.
  13. David Hill

    Wings up vs. wings down

    I've noticed images of the double-headed eagle with its wings up and with its wings down. Can anyone shed some light on the symbolic differences for me?
  14. David Hill

    Whose Volume of Sacred Law "counts"?

    I suspect in Texas that most of the Brethren follow some form of Protestant Christianity. They likely grew up with the KJV Bible and most of the people they know are likely Christians. It probably does not even cross most folks minds that anyone would use anything other than the KSV Bible as...
  15. David Hill

    Whose Volume of Sacred Law "counts"?

    Whose Volume of Sacred Law "counts"? Widow's Son, I took my obligations on Crowley's Book of the Law. I often see many misconceptions about Thelemic doctrine, and I certainly admit that it can be confusing without in depth study. It most certainly is possible for a Thelemite to...
  16. David Hill

    Wise Quotes n phrases

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under." - Greek proverb
  17. David Hill

    Austin Scottish Rite

    I'm a member o the Austin SR. We're currently working a class through the degrees. In fact, we had a reunion this weekend. I'd advise contacting the secretary for details if you would like to join in the Valley of Austin. You can also opt to take courtesy degrees elsewhere or join another Valley...
  18. David Hill

    Please pray for Masonic values in Florida at their GL today

    Once the repeal has been verified, could someone post some sort of official link? I would like to pass this on to other brothers who have been hoping that this decision would be repealed.
  19. David Hill

    Average age of a Mason

    One of my favorite things about Masonry is that I get develop close relationships with men from their early 20s to their 90s. I get to know men throughout the entire lifecycle. I get mentored by older and often wiser men and I get to mentor younger men. It's a beautiful living example of us all...
  20. David Hill

    Martial Arts

    Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu. I've also studied several other styles, but mantis is the only style I have a black belt in.