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    How to wear the masonic apron?

    Actually the Constitution,resolutions and Edicts of the Grand Lodge of Texas are the rule and guide for us and since we all took the same obligations my answer would be a big yes.
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    How to wear the masonic apron?

    When in Texas do as Texans do and when in Germany do as you wish. The coat worn over the apron is an insult to the craft.
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    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    I am not for code books at all and have never seen a need for them. When entering into masonry there has always been and always will be the teachers,mentors who will take the time to teach a candidate his work.When the vote was taken in Grand Lodge to allow Master Masons to have possession of a...
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    Visiting the Grand Lodge of Texas

    Its a great place to see but be there early so you will have time to really take a good look. Takes a couple of days to see it all.
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    Poll: Masonic Member Retention

    A lot of drop outs could possibly be avoided by proper investigations and better informed as to what is expected of them. Many who have ideas on what Masons are find out after the fact its not what "they" expected and never take any instructions. Over the years its been proven the percentage of...
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    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    Until a couple of years ago code books were a Masonic offense to possess period. Our Grand Lodge knowing many Master Masons had these books took a vote to make it legal but with restrictions. I personally voted against it but it passed. As expected this was immediately abused and many books have...
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    Investigation Committees

    Investigating committees are suppose to be appointed on each petition for the mysteries then discharges when the reports are turned in and read at the stated meeting.
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    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    Owls84 I wasn't aware it was my duty to inform this site as to Masonic Law. However it seems many are incapable of looking things up in the GL book so I will give you that information. First I said Masonic offence which is a little out dated so I will be politically correct about it. We now...
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    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    No brainier there Rev. Its a Masonic offense to begin with so as a starter I recommend you study the Constitution -Resolutions of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Many Ea's and FC's are on this site and shouldn't witness a lot of these post. My 2 cents worth!
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    You would be in trouble The problem with the first slots are young men for the most are raising family, some are still moving locations due to job transfer and then the young men with kids have all the school functions they attend like football practice and games ect.The most attentive Masons...
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    Who can propose resolutions to the grand lodge?

    For many years the second section of the FC degree in many lodges when the Lecture is given is a walk through with the candidate. This has always been against the committee on work recommendation and we were not supposed to do it. However many still do and consider it to be the best degree of...
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    Grand Masters Texas Banquet pictures posted

    Those interested I posted the Grand Masters banquet pictures from Saturday Jan 9 2010 in Waco. I couldnt post them all but the complete album is posted on GL web site-Enjoy
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    Removing a Member

    OK I personally don't think we have to many but thats my opinion.
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    Removing a Member

    Small membership and financial difficulty's due to membership or property tax which will be eliminated this year or lack of interest. Any of these could cause action to be taken.
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    Removing a Member

    We as lodge members can't remove a member. However the lodge members can get the ball rolling in the right direction if it there is a situation. Many things can get expulsion such as murder,felony's ect but in these cases have to go through the courts first,the gavel has to drop in the guilty...
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    Tilers Oath

    In my recent Masonic travels I have visited over 70 Texas lodges and never been examined but it is the WM call if he so chooses to do so but evident by my experience not a common practice other than the picture ID and current dues card.
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    Question about the work...

    If you want to be a Mason bad enough you will find a way to make time and be with a knowledgeable Brother who will take the time to teach you. There are no short cuts to Masonry and time spent will be quality time. The 12 month is no problem and all you lodge has to do is apply for advancement...
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    How to wear the masonic apron?

    It really dosen't matter where other countries or states wear there aprons. In Texas you wear it outside any clothing so its in full vision. In the last 25 years I have seen the WM call down a couple of brothers for having there apron under a coat. It only stands to reason when wearing the badge...
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    ALAMO 2009 Pictures

    Brothers I have posted some of the ALAMO shots from last night on my album and if you would like to see them please do. I have not done a full edit on them but there for the most good shots.