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  1. Ashlar76

    I had my EA degree yesterday

    Congratulations! Enjoy the journey. My Freemasonry HD
  2. Ashlar76

    Initiated last night!!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Fraternity. Freemason Connect Mobile
  3. Ashlar76

    I just got my first degree!

    Congratulations! Freemason Connect Mobile
  4. Ashlar76

    One step closer....

    Congratulations on being Passed. Indeed continue heading towards the East and earn those wages. Freemason Connect Mobile
  5. Ashlar76

    I've been raised to the sublime degree of a MM!!!

    Congratulations on achieving a major transition in your life, from profane to Master Mason! SMIB Freemason Connect Mobile
  6. Ashlar76

    Favorite Degree?

    Without a doubt, the Meat and Potatoes. FellowCraft! Freemason Connect Mobile
  7. Ashlar76

    What was your first position?

    Current Senior Deacon of my lodge and my first position. Freemason Connect Mobile
  8. Ashlar76

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    The first in my family indeed and already feel like I've laid a great new path for my children. My 3 boys were initiated into KOP in April and they are enjoying their young journey already. A proud Dad moment for me seeing my sons initiated into KOP. I can only pray to be around when they reach...
  9. Ashlar76

    Being RAISED to the sublime degree of MM

    Congratulations on achieving that climb. Freemason Connect Mobile
  10. Ashlar76


    Congratulations on your achievement. Freemason Connect Mobile
  11. Ashlar76

    The Name Game

    Adam Sandler Freemason Connect Mobile
  12. Ashlar76

    US Navy

    Retired Sailor here. Freemason Connect Mobile
  13. Ashlar76

    why did you join the freemasons?

    I've been there myself and know how it is to have to re-build yourself. Masonry has been a huge Blessing to me and has played a big role in my re-building. I commend you in taking the steps you have to re-build yourself as it is not an easy thing to do. Hang in there though and keep your head...
  14. Ashlar76

    Joining the Craft

    I know South Boston, VA is almost 3 hours from Norfolk, VA. However, I located a PHA Affiliated Lodge out in Norfolk, VA. Below is the link. Looking at their site, they seem to be an active lodge as I saw the photo gallery of recent events in the last year...
  15. Ashlar76

    New Fellow Craft

    Congratulations! A big step for you next, indeed. Freemason Connect Mobile
  16. Ashlar76

    My petition was accepted

    Great advise! Freemason Connect Mobile
  17. Ashlar76

    Joining the Craft

    WOW! Unbelievable! There should be no room for this kind of ignorance in our Craft, PERIOD! Freemason Connect Mobile
  18. Ashlar76

    New journey

    Congratulations on getting a step closer. Don't get too ahead of yourself, just relax and enjoy the journey. Freemason Connect Mobile
  19. Ashlar76

    King Solomon's Quarries Jerusalem, Israel

    Thanks for sharing Bro Bowden. I enjoyed the read. Freemason Connect Mobile
  20. Ashlar76

    Becoming a brother

    Much Brotherly Love to Bro Upton and Bro Walters for setting the wheels in motion. That's what this Craft of ours is all about. Freemason Connect Mobile