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    A question of ethics.

    Most of our appendant bodies--ie. Shriners, York Rite---have functions and/or ceremonies that involve alcohol. I believe that there is a place for everything in moderation.
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    Do we focus too much on charity?

    Re: Too Charitable? I don't think that our Fraternity can be too charitable. Should we focus on things that make us better men and brothers? That is something that we have to push forward in our respective lodges. I think that without our charitable deeds, we don't attract very many men at...
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    Prop 5

    I don't believe that is entirely accurate. Most of these brothers were already studying and working on these items. I would venture to say that 7 of the 8, if not all 8, would have been proficient in opening and closing. This just made them work harder to get certified. I would have like for...
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    Prop 5

    As DDGM last year, I had to sign a form--101--that said that a brother was proficient and had the qualifications to move into the East of his lodge. I, personally told every SW that if I didn't have the required paperwork that I would personally make sure that they were not installed in their...
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    Investigation Committees

    I always do my investigations in the person's home. You get a better feel for who he really is in his home. You get to see how he lives---I don't care if he is rich or poor, has a huge house or a small apartment---but I want to know how he carries himself. I want to make sure that I want to...
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    Ritual is not enough

    Blake, What a great post!!!!! I agree completely with what they are saying here. It is not enough to learn the ritual and consider yourself a Mason. I try to teach all of my students--most of them my closest friends now---the symbolism and meaning behind the ritual as my teacher and mentor...
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    Question about the work...

    I agree completely with Brother Bill. You do not have to concern yourself with a timeframe. I helped teach a brother that was an EA for 3 years before he turned in his work. He is now an officer in the lodge and helps teach other people. You CAN do it with some patience on your part. I...
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    The purpose of DI and DDGM

    Please Stop NOW!!!!! His head is plenty BIG ENOUGH!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Bill you know I love you Brother!!!
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    The purpose of DI and DDGM

    I love this!!!!! District Instructors are there to help all of the lodges in the district with all things "ritual." The problem is, they must be requested by the lodge or individuals in a lodge to help. They cannot just come to a practice and start correcting everyone. Most DIs will make every...
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    Demissed Chapter/Council/Commandry

    I will do some digging and get back to you as soon as I can.
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    Prop 5

    Brethren, I see the points on both sides of this debate, however, I have to side with Brother Harris. If we don't have some type of certification process, then many lodges and brothers will never learn how to open and close lodge properly. Our ritual has been preserved for generations...
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    Demissed Chapter/Council/Commandry

    What type of furniture is it exactly? I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can find out for you.
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    Five rules for men to Follow to a happy life

    Where do you find these types of women???? I can only seem to find the ones that are complainers and cost lots of money!!!! Help please!!!! LOL!!! Actually, I have the best woman a man can get---she is all of those rolled into one.
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    New Mason's program

    At both of my lodges, we have specific directions pertaining to all of these points following the EA Degree. If there are any questions after the instructions, then one of us spend some time with the new EA to go over everything again. We also include it as part of their training in the esoteric...