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  1. Bloke

    Past Master Aprons

    Generally, you might like to see some of the regalia we wear here
  2. Bloke

    Non Mason, been having dreams with masonic symbols please discuss.

    Agree. This thread not something I can constructively or meaningfully respond to.
  3. Bloke

    A bridge to light

    Hello Bro Thanks for your question. Commenting in old threads can be controversial. Some have strong views on it either way. I do see an issue with it when replying to people who have left the forum. There are different etiquettes on different forums AND with different users. My personal...
  4. Bloke

    Freemasonry - The Origins of Freemasonry Revisited

    Thanks @Brother JStoffo Read Both. Anderson's and Dermotts Constitutions also make interesting reading. I was actually re-reading the Regius Manuscript just the other day. As to the Hiram Key (Kight and Lomas) , it is an intellectual house of cards.
  5. Bloke

    Stalking the Fraternal Lodge Goat

    So Mote it Be !
  6. Bloke

    The Term "Obedience" as Applied to "Masonic" Groups

    I think this has been resolved by posts above. As an aside in Australia you rarely hear "Obedience"- more commonly "Constitution" or "Grand Lodge" or "Jurisdiction". Seeing the word "Obedience" does not trigger concern in me. I've also learned "Grand Orient" and "Most Regular Grand Lodge" can...
  7. Bloke

    Seeking what is lost... Warrior1256 ????

    That's great news. I have not been able to try him as my schedule and time zones had not worked out. Thank you so much for reaching out to him Bro @coachn
  8. Bloke

    My emblems

    Our GLs don't use the Letter G, but many lodges do as does our art.
  9. Bloke

    Seeking what is lost... Warrior1256 ????

    Thanks. That is great but should be deleted and send via PM. We just put his details on the web and when he does not use his real name here..
  10. Bloke

    Seeking what is lost... Warrior1256 ????

    I wonder if any members here are from KY and could look him up.. He was on a few other forums, but gave them away before we lost contact..
  11. Bloke

    Seeking what is lost... Warrior1256 ????

    I often see Bro Warrior's name on posts but he has not posted since Jul 31, 2021. I have been expecting him to pop up, but he has not in just over two years.. Do we know what happened to our Brother ? I never corresponded with him via email. Reminders me of another Brother in the USA which I...
  12. Bloke

    My emblems

    I just searched the forum and there are so many threads on this question, or discussion of it crept into other threads, it is actually hard to find. So I went back to google...
  13. Bloke

    Masonic Recognition

    Hey ! We're not taking about logic here but rules - they don't always match :) But a bit of Logic and thought might help :) We don't define "Masonic communication" in our Rules 1 to 415 in Our Constitution or the Schedules which follow. But we have three Foundational Documents before Rule 1...
  14. Bloke

    My emblems

    Same, no offense or disprespence intended, but a sincere question.. do you not regard a rings as an emblem ?
  15. Bloke

    Masonic Recognition

    I agree with Bro Mike.. but at the end of the day,.. to keep my answer really simple, is what really and only counts which what your Grand Lodge says about which GL you do ad do not recognised.. And I wonder if "Masonic communication"is defined somewhere ?
  16. Bloke

    Becoming a Mason in a Mass Ceremony.

    This might be of interest
  17. Bloke

    Did Not Think of a Freemason Board

    Welcome to the forum from Australia !
  18. Bloke

    Just submitted Petition

    Congratulations Brother, may your journey be beneficial to yourself, and those around you, including your lodge.
  19. Bloke

    Masonic Music

    We have music and songbooks for our degrees which are uniform throughout the state. Our Grand Lodge publishes them. Most of the times there are words set to the music in Degrees,. but also tune to cover a preambulation of a length designed to create a beat to move to and of a length to finish...
  20. Bloke

    New Here' Hello

    Not a statement to win friends or encourage conversation. What Winter said I think is correct, I've got 20 years of study behind me and still learning "to understand the degrees"..