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  1. js4253

    Should the Order of the Eastern Star Accept...

    I have only been in OES about 6 years. I only remember one petitioner that did not qualify. In Texas just about any Masonic affiliation will be accepted. Wife, widow, mother, sister, daughter, Rainbow etc.
  2. js4253

    Dues Card

    Your Secretary will have to affix the Lodge Seal on the dues card. Without the Seal, the card is unacceptable. It will not bother him to reorder a dues card. It only takes two minutes.
  3. js4253

    Lodge not on GL locator ?

    That would be the case in Texas.
  4. js4253

    Dating an Eastern Star..

    Why don't you contact a local OES and take her to visit with the members. You both can petition if you like the group.
  5. js4253

    Dating an Eastern Star..

    Why don't you contact a local OES and take her to visit with the members. You both can petition if you like the group.
  6. js4253

    Hello from the Big City of Elmendorf, TX!

    Even YOU are welcome Brother.
  7. js4253

    Hello from the Big City of Elmendorf, TX!

    Blake, I am instructing Daniel and we would love to have you visit Floresville 515.
  8. js4253

    San Antonio Lodges

    Check Grand Lodge of Texas website. There are 27 Lodges in San Antonio and they are listed in Districts 39A,39B and 39C. Come on down.
  9. js4253

    Dear Masons of Texas

    Brahan #226 in LaVernia is also a Moon Lodge.
  10. js4253

    Endowed Memberships

    You are right Robert. Most Endowed Members are inactive and not aware that the Lodges are not recieving any money for their endowment. This year we sent out a letter explaining the situation and many Brothers responded with a generous donation. Thank You for thinking of Your Lodge.
  11. js4253

    Brother Lodges

    You will also need to make arrangements in advance. From what I've heard they don't like surprise visits and getting permission to visit is not easy.
  12. js4253

    How often do you attend Lodge?

    Three times a week.
  13. js4253

    Question about District Instructors

    Blake, didn't your DI make two visits with the DDGM during Griffins' term? I know they were supposed to. Anyway, they will come help if you request it. I don't think they like to come unless invited.
  14. js4253

    Have you worn your white leather apron?

    I think the original question was referring to the apron that is presented to the MM in Texas. Most Brothers put their cherished "white apron" away in storage so they remain in "like new" condition. So, the original question was, what occasion would you feel worthy of wearing the Ceremonial...
  15. js4253

    voting ?

    I've seen the wrong sign given. Don't know if the EAs and FCs noticed or not. WM can remind everyone to vote under the DG of the lodge that is open.
  16. js4253

    EA's and the Book

    I heard some of the DDGM confiscated a few but never heard of any further action.
  17. js4253

    EA's and the Book

    The book is easily found at Barnes and Noble ?sp? so anyone with the money can walk in and buy one. I knew about the book before I became a Mason. I never thought about getting one until I had learned the Q & A and had done my proficiency. Also, I didn't know where I could get one. All the...
  18. js4253

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    In the past Masonry was so secretive that almost nothing could be talked about. I don't know if that was LAW or just the way it was done in Texas. I was raised in 2005 so I am new to Masonry, but I do have opinions. I was told by my mentors that if it is written anywhere in plain English from...
  19. js4253

    new member

    Sounds like the process is working as planned. Keep up the good work.
  20. js4253


    We need to appoint Curtis and Leroy to the fundraiser committee.