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  1. MGM357

    Closing Charge

    When does the charge at closing become a prayer? I've been told the WM is uncovered during the whole time and I've also been told that he uncovers when "finally" is said.
  2. MGM357

    When to Speak in Lodge

    Where can I find in the GLoT law book that speaks of how to address the Lodge ? Particularly while speaking the Lodge members during a stated meeting. I read it once, now I can;t find it.
  3. MGM357

    Texas masonic trivia

    As Junior Warden, I provide Masonic information during our stated meeetings. I would like to share Texas Masonic trivia, more especially of those stories or information that most haven't heard before. Would anybody like to share ? Thanx.
  4. MGM357

    What do you tell the Anti Freemason?

    We are to be a peaceful and quiet subject.
  5. MGM357

    Passing of James D. Ward, Grand Secretary Emeritus
  6. MGM357

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    The C&C ritual is not a codebook compared to the Blue Lodge,but it is a crutch. Allowing the rituals to be used in the Lodge room during the C&C stated meetings is why no one can remember the work.
  7. MGM357

    Little Hole in the Wall

    Crawfish Shack 5822 FM 2100 Crosby, TX • 281-462-2121 Simply the best crawfish and shrimp. If you don't get there early, you may have to wait a while. Bring your own beer and they provide coolers.
  8. MGM357

    What's the difference between...

    I thought Knights Templars were Freemasons.
  9. MGM357

    What's the difference between...

    Is that a woman in the top picture?
  10. MGM357

    What do I call him?

    The next time you talk to him, ask what he would prefer.
  11. MGM357

    How often do you attend Lodge?

    Whenever I can. I usually don't keep count. When I am there, I try to make the best of it.
  12. MGM357

    What issues are important to you?

    Rather than quanity of membership, we need to address quality.
  13. MGM357

    C.A. Fortner 2010 Officers

    I finally got the CD from the local newspaper editor.
  14. MGM357

    Great website
  15. MGM357

    Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

    As long as the proposed resolution can remove all of the guess work. I try to live in a simple world.
  16. MGM357

    Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

    I'm trying to convince some of the old timers to do this. I was told the GL doesn't approve, now I know that it depends on who is reading the law. It's like if you're convinced it's wrong then it's wrong, and if you're convinced it's right then it's right. What is sad is that it's not simple...
  17. MGM357

    Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

    May support is donating without being recognized. I disagree with not recognizing the support. How are we suposed to grow within our communities without being recognized?
  18. MGM357

    Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

    Would three advisors be a committee? All I would like to see is our Lodge on the back of baseball jerseys. This would help the league and keep our name alive in the community.
  19. MGM357

    Sponsoring Local Sports Teams

    What does the GLoT have to say about sponsoring local youth sports teams ( Little League etc)?