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  1. ctp2nd

    Satirical Article on the Illuminati / Freemasonry

    Link: (Possibly some NSFW Ads and Articles) Stuff You Should Know: The Illuminati Posted 11/16/2010 at 10:35 am by Kristi If all you know about the Illuminati was taught to you by one Professor Dan Brown, then you are in for a...
  2. ctp2nd

    How does he get re-elected??

    Perry did sign the bill exempting Masonic lodges from property taxes. For that, he gets my vote, again. I do like how well Texas as a whole has been during his tenure, but there have been more than a few instances of questionable decision making.
  3. ctp2nd

    When did "The Lodge" become "The Building"...

    nah, I'm oftentimes grandiloquent too... if people don't want to read it, so mote it be. Thanks for the discussion!
  4. ctp2nd

    When did "The Lodge" become "The Building"...

    wow... thread-killer-long Twas nice while it lasted.
  5. ctp2nd

    After the West Gate: So, This is Freemasonry? Hmph...

    Howdy All, Picking up about where I left off on my last thread here: Someone should have stopped me at the West Gate The day I was initiated into the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Texas was a Saturday in late September of 2004. I had driven passed the lodges I was legally...
  6. ctp2nd

    Approval of masons or wm mason?

    Much more accurate... Thanks!
  7. ctp2nd

    When did "The Lodge" become "The Building"...

    Howdy All, My Question: When did "The Lodge" become "The Building" and why does it seem that several lodges are willing to sacrifice the first in an effort to save the latter? A lodge, like a church, is supposed to describe the people there assembled, not for the building itself. Yet...
  8. ctp2nd

    Someone should have stopped me at the West Gate...

    We have to focus on the quality of the product we sell over the quantity of customers we service. Customers will naturally come to those offering good products. Our products are Masonic Philosophy, Fellowship, and Fraternity.
  9. ctp2nd

    Approval of masons or wm mason?

    In Texas, the White Balls Elect and the Black Balls Reject. The vote on a petition is purely the vote of the brethren there assembled. The WM only has 1 vote, as does every member. 3 Black Balls reject a candidate from petitioning any other lodge for a year.
  10. ctp2nd

    Someone should have stopped me at the West Gate...

    Howdy All, Thanks for the feedback and further discussion. I'd like to weigh in, a bit, on some of your comments: I would still argue, yes, someone should have stopped me (then), regardless of how good a candidate I would have been for the Shrine, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Grotto, etc...
  11. ctp2nd

    Someone should have stopped me at the West Gate...

    Howdy All, I've often contemplated writing a synopsis of my Masonic Journey, and just as often, I have deleted it and moved on. Here, I will try to articulate how and why I feel my petition should never have been read. Over the course of my first 24 years on this pebble of a planet I had...
  12. ctp2nd

    Texas - OU

    I'm hoping for Oklahoma putting a Herp-Derp on Texas
  13. ctp2nd

    New Member

    Welcome to Masons of Texas, Bro. Mars. You will find a plethora of information and an avenue for you to discuss the many things that attracted your attention while on your way to this forum.
  14. ctp2nd

    I'm a Freemason because....

    ... the obligation.
  15. ctp2nd

    Rosicrucian Fellowship

    Texas SRCIF link: Looks interesting.
  16. ctp2nd

    Born again Sinners...

    Re: Is God universal? WWJD? Damn you to hell for committing suicide. Your God may take more into account than JTM's, but it wouldn't be very "universal" of Him.
  17. ctp2nd

    Is God universal?

    The universality of God depends on the groups one wishes to encompass when using the term universal. Limit one's scope to the God of Abraham, you find a universal deity. Expand that scope to include the several pagan, naturalistic, asian, and new-age religions, and the universality becomes...
  18. ctp2nd

    Born again Sinners...

    A couple of points, if I may: 1) Discussion of Religion on a Masonic Forum - Nothing says that we, as Masons, shouldn't discuss, argue, defend, debate, etc. our respective faiths and viewpoints amongst brethren, only that during lodge we refrain from such. Friendly and Brotherly discussion...
  19. ctp2nd

    When does tolerance no longer apply?

    while having never seen the phrase before, I'd suggest a s after face... fits better with the rhythm and rhyme
  20. ctp2nd

    When does tolerance no longer apply?

    IMO: I will treat a Brother Mason as I have voluntarily obligated myself to treat a Brother Mason, inside and outside of lodge. That said, I never obligated myself in Masonry to befriend every Brother that passes through the West Gate. I may go upon his errand at midnight, but I will not...