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  1. blackbeard


    it was great to meet you in person at work the other day! hope to see you again, and if you're ever here on a thurs. night would be great to have you visit our lodge :)
  2. blackbeard

    The last person to post in this thread wins woohooo, i'm last i win!
  3. blackbeard

    Question about Investigative Committee

    :8:i offered drinks which were declined. didn't offend me at all. my investigators were very friendly and it went well (obviously). i would offer some sort of light refreshment if you wish, just, as before mentioned, don't be offended if they are of a 'business' mindset and decline. just...
  4. blackbeard


    i would be the one from humboldt county.....and i find tons of useful info here! welcome aboard
  5. blackbeard

    Decision Made

    THAT is how things get done...may not be easy, may not make everyone happy, but MUST be done to GET things done....good job brother! i hear brethren complain about things that don't get done or don't get done right...if you have the time to complain about it, then take the time to FIX it. i...
  6. blackbeard

    Greetings brothers

    welcome, and a sincere thank you, from me and my family, for serving in the military! happy holidays to you as well and stay safe out there brother.
  7. blackbeard

    Moon Lodges

    i've heard of them, and think it's neat that some still are moon lodges. from what i've been told almost all lodges were moon lodges at one point way back when nobody had a car or headlights... i wonder what a stir it would cause when i get to the east if i try to pass a resolution to return...
  8. blackbeard

    Installation of Officers for 2011

    i got installed as senior deacon of my lodge today as well! congrats and have fun this year, brother!
  9. blackbeard

    When does man become Mason (Brother)

    same here, minus the brother part...and it was explained to me afterward that the moment i did that thing was the moment i became a mason. little differences in ritual like that fascinate me and make me want to travel more.
  10. blackbeard

    When does man become Mason (Brother)

    kinda what i, it is just "you will now........"
  11. blackbeard

    When does man become Mason (Brother)

    i wish i knew tx is obviously a little different...a command is given immediately afterward here, when that thing is done is what i was refering to...and the word 'brother' is not in the command and i think maybe what you are referring to...
  12. blackbeard

    When does man become Mason (Brother)

    i've been told that it is the exact moment that you do what you do right after the obligation, i'd say what that is but don't want to talk too much about actual ritual....but you guys all remember the first thing you did right after completing the obligation i'm sure.
  13. blackbeard

    When does man become Mason (Brother)

    agreed, it is when he takes the obligation. in my jurisdiction a fellowcraft receives a few more rights, and only a master mason can have a masonic funeral here, as well.
  14. blackbeard

    Hello from a new EA

    although referred to as a candidate, it is, as already mentioned, a candidate for that degree...but a brother nonetheless.. in my jurisdiction ea's and fc's have different rights and privileges than master masons..but they ARE brothers..just sayin..
  15. blackbeard

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    it's just a matter of time, the small number of jurisdictions that this is still a problem is getting smaller every year. i'm glad i was made a mason in a jurisdiction that got past this issue years ago, and hope that in the near future this will be a thing of the past for all jurisdictions...
  16. blackbeard

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    our lodge DOES stay in touch with all our widows, does a luncheon at an expensive restaurant for them every year. we invite them to all our social gatherings and assist them any way we can anytime they ask. we have gotten together groups to do lawn work for them, brought them food, given them...
  17. blackbeard

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    i'd like to see LESS change. we are all too eager to change things today, imho...
  18. blackbeard

    In the workplace

    i would add that the fact that we know each other prior to working with each other is important. others have said things about being burned for recommending someone just because they are a brother. we are friends AND brothers before we started working with each other. i would NOT recommend...
  19. blackbeard

    In the workplace

    every man that works where i work is a mason. it does wonders for being able to trust your fellow workers/bosses. i don't think they will ever hire a non mason again because of trust issues. you HAVE to be able to trust your employees in the business that i work in (pawn shop)....not only are...