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  1. daddyrich

    New to forum.

    Greetings from Southern California, brother.
  2. daddyrich

    Definition of a Freemason, 1823

    190 years later and we still strive for the same. Thanks.
  3. daddyrich

    I'm so old I can remember....

    Soooooo many long nights on Sega w/NHL and John Madden Football. Thanks for the reminder Widows Son.
  4. daddyrich

    Grand Lodge of California revokes recognition of The Snakes

    This was an issue out here a few years ago and, if I recall correctly they were told to disband and denounce even then. I was surprised to even hear of their existence, it's an embarrassment. Found out that even out District Officer was a member, a man who was a particular stickler for rules. I...
  5. daddyrich

    Jesus Who?

    Remember that even only 100 years after the death of Jesus the Christ, church Fathers couldn't even agree upon his age at 'crucifixion' It's a shame, but opportunists will always jump at the chance to join a movement to further themselves and their greed for temporal power. As true now as it was...
  6. daddyrich

    Are Tattoos permissable ?

    I am quite well covered in tattoos and this was one of the reasons I used to convince myself for years that I shouldn't petition. Of course, when I finally did all brothers didn't have a single negative thing to say and those who have asked have been overwhelmingly supportive and understanding...
  7. daddyrich

    Raised my son

    That had to feel incredible. Congrats to the both of you.
  8. daddyrich

    The Philosophy of Freemasonry

    The Builders was/is one of my favorite works in Freemasonry. Newton had a nice style to his writings.
  9. daddyrich

    A great site for Brothers and men of any age

    That is a cool site, always enjoyable things to read there.
  10. daddyrich

    proving my apron

    Wooohoooo ! Great job, brother. Keep up the great work.
  11. daddyrich

    What's the best way to learn about Freemasons?

    You will be welcomed, just go. It's an easy thing to push aside and sometimes even talk yourself out of. Don't be afraid to try a couple Lodges for your visits, either. You will find one that fits you best. Good luck to you.
  12. daddyrich

    Sacred Geometry

    Damn, some folks just don't find this a worthy pursuit, apparently. Good on you guys for not being deterred. Strange to have a topic like this, so initmately entwined w/ Freemasonry get pounded into the ground by people. Very odd. Keep it going Widows Son, for what it's worth - I support your...
  13. daddyrich

    Raised Tonight!

    That had to be something to see, I can't even imagine how it was accomplished. I've never seen more than one candidate at a time do their 3rd. Congrats to you all!
  14. daddyrich

    disgruntled friends.

    I believe Masonry is Patriarchal because it's an exposition of the male side/aspect of the Deity. Women have their own Mysteries to celebrate and I shake my head in wonder when I hear or read female arguments against our policy. They even have Co-Masonry now, but that puzzles me all the more...
  15. daddyrich

    Lodge participation

    I always hope for more happening at Stated. My interests are more in the occult and Mystery aspects of the Craft. Those studies have fallen by the wayside and one tends to get blank stares when the subject is broached w/ older Beothers. I fear we became a social club sometime in the '50's to...
  16. daddyrich

    Sacred Geometry

    Vitruvius covered that pretty well, if you haven't read what remains of his writings on architecture, you really should. Same with Hawksmoor and other great builders.
  17. daddyrich

    Sacred Geometry

    I can see how the Dionysiac Builders erected temples according to attributes they believed corresponded to astral alignments that 'shared' qualities w/ the deities they were consecrated to. That's kind of cool. Same w/ the Great Pyramid at Giza, et al.
  18. daddyrich

    Happy Veterans Day

    Likewise, thanks to all who have and continue to serve.
  19. daddyrich

    Sacred Geometry

    The condescension is pretty strong here. I always thought it was an interesting topic but everyone seems concerned w/ it's 'practical' applications and that's what it will take before it can travel from 'interesting notion' to a basis for an applicable world view. I'm always looking for signs...
  20. daddyrich

    Greetings Brothers

    A welcome to you, Brother. :)