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    York Rite and the Jews

    Though the brethren of your blue lodge may be more into York Rite, you may consider the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. There you will find that your jewishness is indeed celebrated.
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    Passport or Birth Certificate

    Brothers in Texas, According to Article 430 there must be a birth certificate turned in with the petition. Can a U.S. Passport be used in lieu of a birth certificate? I am being told that there was a decision on this issue. We have a petitioner in these circumstances. I would appreciate any...
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    Once or Twice a Month?

    We meet every Tuesday. There is always a hot meal and some brothers hanging at the building whether we have work or not. The e.a.s have someone there to work with or we help each other learn parts of the degrees or work on the lectures. This keeps the lodge active and cars in the lot. It can be...
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    That's awesome, spot- on, Brian.
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    Interesting read. Can we give some Kudos to the author of "Paradise Lost" for corrupting our understanding of the source of "evil"? There is nothing created that did not come from the creator. Why then must we ascribe our understanding of the existence of evil to the divine? It seems so apparent...
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    Master Elect

    Looking forward to the forum later this year at your lodge brother. Congrats and well done
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    Sacred Geometry

    I have not read most of this thread because there is too much irrelevant bickering going on when a very good topic was offered for our edification. But I would like to offer a little evidence to the existence of the reality of sacred geometry. The equal temperament piano, and the violin...
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    Question about strange claim

    I too think that may be an accurate statement. There is no evidence that Geometry was known outside of the building trades before the enlightenment. Even in colonial America it was the Masons who knew how to "mark and ley the land" and acted as surveyors. It was Issac Newton (who may or not have...
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    Mackeys, Encyclopedias Of FM.

    In an electronic format like ibooks they are searchable and a lot cheaper. Just sayin'. Since I have embraced the ebook I seldom crack my antique books. Mackeys history is a staple for the collection, also.
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    Strongly Discouraged...

    Brother Stewart, Having met you last year at a forum in Grand Prairie I was instantly impressed by the seriousness in which you practice the craft. I am so thankful to you and the other moderators here on MoT. This was upsetting to me that you feel this way. I took a little time thinking I would...
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    How did you do it?

    We normally do it in three sections. While researching the minutes of the lodge for the history that I am writing, I discovered that the lodge has pretty much always done it this way (though there are periods of time when there were a lot of degrees and not much mention of proficiencies). That...
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    Does your Lodge go Dark?

    Metropolitan meets every Tuesday except in October when almost all of the lodge is serving at the State Fair with the Shriners.
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    Saint Johns Day Festive Board

    Calling all Masons and friends of the fraternity! Northern Star Lodge is presenting their Annual St. John's Day Festive Board, June 23rd, benefiting the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and Scottish Rite Library and Museum. The event will be at the Scottish Rite Hospital and will feature...
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    Inter-Visitation, Politics and Racism in Texas

    And so the conversation begins, right here on this forum, for all the fraternities eyes to see. Just as the generation that faced a conflict between the Ancients and Moderns, we must be the generation that brings about a Union among the Craft. It is an issue that is no great concern to the...
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    Inter-Visitation, Politics and Racism in Texas

    Let me say firstly that I look forward, very much, to the day when I can sit in lodge with my Prince Hall brothers. As I live on the Southside of Dallas, I have many of them, and I consider them friends and brothers. But I find it concerning that so many brothers are willing to accept the...
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    New Warden's Requirements

    I agree Owls, a ruling in writing would be best. Our lodge is more fortunate than some. We have several brothers who are ready for elevation that fulfill the strictest of these requirement already. By next year there will be even more, as we will be doing the Life program this year. I do not...
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    New Warden's Requirements

    We did the Life program in our lodge last year and several brothers participated. I must say that I fully enjoyed the program. The various discussions on the topics were enlightening. One question from the program would invariably spark a conversation that led off into a tangent that sometimes...
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    Acoustic Guitar Players?

    Rays point is the most important thing to consider. My advice is this: If you have a bunch of money then you should aquire the best instrument that you can. Guitars hold their value as well as gold and guns, but know what you are buying. The only important thing, no matter what kind of guitar...
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    Masters Hat

    Being only a couple years out, I have started thinking about this also. I was thinking that a three corner flop hat would be kinda Washington like.
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    Masonic Paintings

    There is this site: Freemason Collection. The most beautiful masonic works of Freemasonry. Made by Freemasons for Freemasons. Masonic shop. Masonic supplies, aprons, artworks, rituals, gifts... The art gallery of Freemasonry.