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    Grand Masters conference One of the things with the GLOT webpage is you have to click on the item to see the full info. This is also true with the calendar. While the calendar entry only shows the name of the event and time. If you will click on it you will...
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    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    From the Preface to the 2015 Masonic Education Program.... During the 2015 Grand Lodge year (December 2014 through November 2015), I am asking each Worshipful Master to set aside a few minutes at one stated meeting per month to present the following Masonic education programs OR A SUITABLE...
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    Here we go!

    So how did it go?
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    Reflection Chamber

    It would be nice if some of the lodges would clean out their anterooms. The quality of reflection in a cluttered, dusty "closet" can't be that good.
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    L.I.F.E. Program?

    Sorry, but your analogy doesn't fit. You do not have permission from Grand Lodge to scan the document nor do you have permission to distribute it. This is a legal right reserved for Grand Lodge alone.
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    L.I.F.E. Program?

    Just an FYI on scanning books into a PDF. This is a violation of copyright law and is a criminal offense ( Statutory damages 504(c)(2) are up to $150,000 if it can be proved you knowing violated the copyright.
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    Suit & Tie/Tuxedo or Casual/Plain Clothes

    I've noticed the more successful men are working on the "internal" the more they come to realize the external should not be neglected.
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    GLoT Lineage???

    Normand, Pierre G "Pete" (2004) "The Pedigree of the Grand Lodge of Texas A.F. & A.M." Transactions. Texas Lodge of Research, v. 38, p.67-78. Summary: Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.& A.M -> Grand Lodge of Louisiana A.Y.M -> Grand Lodge of South Carolina A.Y.M -> Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania ->...
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    GLoT Lineage???

    I believe Pete Normand wrote a paper on this. It may have been the paper he delivered when he received his Fellow of TLR.
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    Hotel for The Warden's Retreat

    Not anything really within walking distance except maybe the Hilton and the Courtyard and I don't they will fit the "inexpensive" category. The past several years though, they ran a shuttle between the the Grand Lodge building and the parking lot at the convention center so you could stay...
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    Addressing the Issues

    Have any of y'all attended a Warden's Retreat? Do you plan on attending? Haven't been in several years, but they used to be very beneficial in the early 2000's. It provided much needed insite into the workings of Grand Lodge and actually gave you a chance to get to know the Grand Lodge Trustees.
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    One thing I've learned about being W.M.

    You might try some MEANINGFUL Masonic education. That seems to be what is lacking from most of the meetings and discussions.
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    One thing I've learned about being W.M.

    "I'm not sure how it could really be expected since our organization is volunteer". This isn't some service organization. You guys took an obligation to each other and renewed that obligation when you were installed in your stations. If you are not willing to commit your best and be held...
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    Lodge Dues?

    You would hope those endowed brothers would recognize their endowment is a "gift" to their lodge and still be willing to contribute their "annual dues" to help cover operating expenses and per capita. Unfortunately, too many use it as a personal cost-savings measure.
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    A Masonic Christmas Story -- Widow's Tale

    I'm guessing this lodge is not one that has a Masonic Education Program, because none of them seem to understand what it means to be a Mason. Not to let the other guys off the hook, but in the time the Master spent calling around trying to get someone else to do it, he could have delivered it...
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    What Books Would You Recomend

    I would definitely start with Robinson's A Pilgrim's Path and Davis' Understanding Manhood in America. I believe Davis' book will help crystalize your feelings about the Fraternity and make it easier for you to discuss them with others. Both are available from Amazon.
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    Fall 2011 Texas Mason Magazine

    I've been trying to understand you meaning. If it's a pun I don't get it. Do you believe the education, experience, and community activities are not important to the qualifications of a Grand Lodge trustee?
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    Fall 2011 Texas Mason Magazine

    What happened to the Statements of Availability for the GJW? This year they were supposed to include the educational, professional, and personal information on the candidates.
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    Past Grand Master R.H. "Bob" Waters to receive the 60 year Service Award

    Does anyone ever double check the coordinates? This time it is somewhere off the coast of Ecuador. Really,the "2°" should be a clue!!!
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    District 14 MWSA Forum

    Does anyone know anything about this month's Dist 14 MWSA meeting? I belive it is on the 5th Wednesday, but don't know which lodge is hosting. I had heard it was supposed to be a GJW candidate's forum similar to the one held at Dist 31 earlier in the month. I've looked on the MWSA homepage, on...