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  1. nwendele

    From Galveston

    Very Cool, would love to see more!
  2. nwendele

    15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

    I can see your point, but, for myself, it wasn't a fear of being wrong or any "terror", I truly though I was right, pretty much all the time. If I did something, there was a dern good reason for it, I justified nearly everything. I have learned, sometimes, even if I still think I'm right, the...
  3. nwendele

    15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

    Lofty goals that I think everyone should work on, their entire lifetime. I think I'm on the right track- but always being right and excuses are hard ones for confident men to overcome. If I did it, it was for a reason. Maybe I had the wrong information, or was assigned a task I had no...
  4. nwendele

    Has anyone heard about this?

    Wow, talk about the Nuclear Option!
  5. nwendele

    Answer these two things

    I love the symbolism and history, I dislike how little the symbolism and history are actually discussed. However, I am actively working to fix that in my lodge.
  6. nwendele

    Just when we thought we dodged the fire.

    Our effort between the Harley shop and Killeen Lodge was able to fill a 16' trailer to the roof and the bed of the F-250 pulling it. We delivered to celebration outreach church today at noon. The 2 pallets of water went directly to the firefighters on the line and there were several families...
  7. nwendele

    Bastrop Fires

    I know some of you guys are in the Bastrop area. I just sent a PM to Beathard. What can we do to help? My Harley shop in Harker Heights is set up as a drop off point. We can have a couple truckloads down there by Sunday/ Monday. Apparently, everything is needed, nearly 800 families have...
  8. nwendele

    bustn caps

    All these fancy new-fangled firearms! I am getting into last century just now- got an AR stripped lower on the way. I compete in Cowboy Action Shooting when I can actually get off from work. My Henry is chambered in 45 Long Colt, as are my 5.5" R/M conversions. I broke down and got a Curio...
  9. nwendele


    Beathard has talked about it a fair bit on this forum, I had never heard of it until his posts. I would think any history buff would love to be a member, just to know what they are up to and researching, and to celebrate the history of Texas Masonry. It encourages Brothers to contribute to...
  10. nwendele

    Called Meeting for examining and voting on proficiency.

    Wow, I have never heard of doing multiple proficiencies at the same time. At our lodge, it is never done at a stated meeting and we have done as many as 3 in one night, but it is always one after the other, with the Brothers not being examined, waiting outside of the lodgeroom with the Tyler.
  11. nwendele

    Visiting the Grand Lodge of Texas

    Waco is just a few miles up the road, so I was thinking about exploring the Grand Lodge. I can't find any hours or visiting info on the website. Who has been up there before? Anything I should look for?
  12. nwendele

    concealed carry

    This might open up a whole 'nother can of worms, but Lodge is my home away from home. I don't have any signs saying what I can't do in my living room, I sure as heck don't want one hanging up in my lodge. Maybe that is just my grumpy independent Texan side speaking, or maybe I think Brethren...
  13. nwendele

    What would you do?

    Depends on what it is, but usually, just taking a brother aside and reminding him of something works. Never ignore it.
  14. nwendele

    Paper or Real

    We usually have at least 30. No fee is required, but we put out a pot. It always has more than enough to cover.
  15. nwendele

    Killeen #1125 Bike Night and MM Degree

    I agree it should be a choice, but I wear a full face and jacket 100% of the time! Been working around it too long, lost too many friends that didn't need to go yet. Tried to ride without my lid on a perfect day about 4 years ago, felt so naked I turned around after a few miles. Never will do...
  16. nwendele

    In a dark place right now.

    Deepest and most heartfelt prayers your way, Brother.
  17. nwendele

    concealed carry

    You are 100% correct, but we are carrying for the drive to the lodge, or if we came straight from work. We carry all the time. Locking them up isn't trying to defend ourselves in Lodge, it is removing our defenses of the outside world once we get to Lodge.
  18. nwendele

    concealed carry

    Hmmm, I remember that not being in an obligation, but what condition a person, who was not yet a brother, was required to be in at a particular period in time. Are we getting a little too specific for a public forum....?
  19. nwendele

    Killeen #1125 Bike Night and MM Degree

    Wow, sorry to hear you had to go through that experience.