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  1. Dave in Waco

    Grand Lodge 2011

    I'm siting upstairs in the south. What time is Crickets tonight?
  2. Dave in Waco

    prince hall affiliated in waco or surrounding areas

    Welcome to the forums! I'm in Waco myself, but I'm not PHA.
  3. Dave in Waco

    Took part in my first Degree

    Congrats on taking part in your first degree. Like the above brethren, I would highly encourage you to learn as many parts as possible. Taking part in putting on degrees can be a lot of fun, plus you will be helping a brother along. I would recommend taking part in any floor schools in your...
  4. Dave in Waco

    2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

    Thanks for the law clarification Bro. Bill. I had not looked it up. Just had gotten in from a 3 hour Stated Meeting. We did something for the second time I have never heard anyone doing before. We called off, and we went and visited another Lodge during our refreshment and then came back to...
  5. Dave in Waco

    2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

    Greetings Brethren!! It's been a busy year for me, but I do still keep an eye here. I do have to comment on Resolution 14: the deletion of Article 505 Paragraph 37. As a Mason I am ashamed to think that another Mason would suggest such a deletion. I think it nothing more them a thinly veiled...
  6. Dave in Waco

    One black ball?

    That would be when the WM should step in to make sure it doesn't get out of control. And the concern should be made in a constructive and respectful manner to begin with. Afterall, it's supposed to be a discussion not a knife fight. Chances are, if someone doesn't want the guy, they are still...
  7. Dave in Waco

    One black ball?

    The brother may not have time to inform the Investigation committee. He may have been out the week the petition was read. If the candidate were the brother, son, or father of another brother sitting in the lodge. The members of the lodge still reserve the right to hear a brother concerned. He...
  8. Dave in Waco

    One black ball?

    I agree wholeheartedly. As pointed out, on every other thing we vote on, we have an opportunity for discussion. So why do we not have discussion on what is perhaps the single most important thing to the Fraternity, the admission of a new candidate? It might stop some of the backroom...
  9. Dave in Waco

    The Brother of a Gurleyman needs your assistance

    Brothers, Our lodge has been informed of a tragic event this afternoon. Brother Odell Nevills brother Troy Nevills house has burned down. Very fortunately no one was harmed, but the house and all possessions were lost. The home was in Mart, Texas which is east of Waco. The family has a 2...
  10. Dave in Waco

    One-Day classes, What do YOU think?

    While I do understand that there are special occassions for a One Day thing, as a rule, I say not only no, but hell no. They rob the candidate of a special experience that gives them the common bond with other brethren. As I often tell a nervous candidate, "You're not doing anything that...
  11. Dave in Waco

    What was your first position?

    I feel your pain in a way. I was told by my WM today that was probably going to happen to me after my trip through to the East and our current Sec decides to step down. He was planning on this being his last year, but he's had so much fun this year watching a WM with a good line and a purpose...
  12. Dave in Waco

    3 Black Balls Vs 1 Black Ball

    I think some of this can be changed with changing the procedure to ballot. I think we should ballot for a candidate like we normally do. The petition is read. The reports from the investigation committee are read. Then there should be a motion from the floor to accept or reject the petition...
  13. Dave in Waco

    3 Black Balls Vs 1 Black Ball

    I do agree there should be more information available on a candidate when we vote on them. I believe the rule you are speaking of concerns electioneering. For example, a brother has an issue with a candidate, so he gets a couple of other brothers to come visit for the purpose of black balling...
  14. Dave in Waco

    3 Black Balls Vs 1 Black Ball

    They had a good presentation on Balloting at last year's JW Retreat. They covered this.
  15. Dave in Waco

    Granny panties

    "Again" ever the optomist.
  16. Dave in Waco

    3 Black Balls Vs 1 Black Ball

    There should be enough of both colors in the ballot box for each member present. In other words, if there are 18 members present, there should be 18 white and 18 black that can be used.
  17. Dave in Waco

    Plate Update

    There is some sort of marker in front of the GL building, although I don't know if it is in fact an historical marker or not. I'll have to stop by and check it out on my walk today. I always thought a building or site had to be 100 years old to get a marker. I do know the old Masonnic Temple...
  18. Dave in Waco

    How do you deal with it???

    That's what we brethren do, help, aid and assist each other. But something to always remember when dealing with conspiracy theorists. All they are capable of doing is parroting someone else's faulty or biased information, while as a Mason, you are taught to seek out the light of knowledge...
  19. Dave in Waco

    How do you deal with it???

    Oh when it comes to the World Domination arguement, I just quote history. After the Revolutionary War, George Washington, perhaps America's most famous Freemason, was approached by many people about being installed as King of America. He responded in true Washington fashion. "I did not fight...
  20. Dave in Waco

    Plate Update

    Thank you.