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  1. Nate Riley

    Strongly Discouraged...

    I was seriously hoping this was a photo of you in a fez!!! I don't see why you are so worried about the Scottish Rite, you're already a Shriner!:17::beer2:
  2. Nate Riley

    Feast of Tishri - Houston

    Are any of you fellows planning on going to the Feast of Tishri in Houston this month?
  3. Nate Riley

    Traveling Certificate

    Never! I asked asked for one, when I was going to be visting some lodges last year. I was told I should already have all that I need, in my head and in my wallet. I was also told that some of the brothers at the lodges I intended to visit would not even know what it was (and they might be...
  4. Nate Riley

    Online Applications for Lodges in Austin?

    There are some pretty harsh comments here. I am glad you found the petition online and wish you the best going forward. I appreciate your initiative. To the nay-sayers, I have heard a number of guys say that they had told a Mason that they wanted to become a one and have the Mason offer to...
  5. Nate Riley

    Is Freemasonry anti-Christian? I think not.

    While Masonry offers a good medium for a man to explore is own beliefs as they may related to a particular religion, sometimes too much is read into the belief in a Supreme Being issue (particularly by outsiders). Although there are a number of reasons for Masonry to require a man to have a...
  6. Nate Riley

    I live in brasilia, Brazil. Would like to join

    I don't claim to have a lot of knowledge regarding "recognition", except that you what to be careful to choose a lodge and grand lodge that is properly recognized. . Hopefully, someone else (e.g. a brother that has a book of properly recognized lodges), can chime in on that. If you are...
  7. Nate Riley

    Flags in the lodge room.

    My comment had nothing to do with the Christian Flag, it was just a side comment with a cool story. The Flag represents the Church (the Kingdom), not necessarilty the King. To continue your prior thought, it would be nice to have a President that bowed by before God and not to any earthly king.
  8. Nate Riley

    Flags in the lodge room.

    There's a cool story related to that ideology, you post reminded me of it: ".....many Irish athletes had withdrawn when learning they would be required to march behind the Union Jack. The protocol for the open ceremony established by the UK organizers had each team parade before King Edward...
  9. Nate Riley

    Map of Texas Lodges

    Here is a link to a set of Google Earth layers. D Lime Ranch - Mason - Texas Masonic Lodges I just clicked on the Google KML File link, then clicked Open. It opened in Google Earth. Then when I closed out, I saved it to my places. Now it works independently when I open Google Earth...
  10. Nate Riley

    Map of Texas Lodges

    Does anyone know of an interactive map of lodges in Texas? Or maybe a layer for Google Earth?
  11. Nate Riley

    Dating and Age?

    I don't think its a problem, I have known several couples with considerable age difference who worked out fine. However, I would just throw out that my concern would be with what I was setting myself up for when she was 30 and I was 42. I think the span (in her age) from 25 to around 40 might...
  12. Nate Riley

    When can I call myself a Mason?

    Thats right!
  13. Nate Riley

    What to say to anti-masons at church?

    Nothing. Nobody wins these arguments. Most of the time you can figure out if someone already has their mind made up against Masonry. You generally can't say enough to change their mind, so don't say anything. I have had some conversations with those who are geniunely interested and were not...
  14. Nate Riley

    How to..

    Find a shriner in your Lodge and tell them you want to become a Shriner. They will get you a petition. Or call the nearest Shrine Center (fka Shrine Temple) and let them know that you are a MM and want to become a Shriner. From my experience, once you have made your intention known to the...
  15. Nate Riley

    Single day degrees and orders

    Go to more festivals/degrees! My experience was that there is no way I could remember what saw in one Festival. So, I have committed to going to more festivals and rewatching the degrees in smaller pieces (i.e. one body at a time). It is the same for the Scottish Rite. But they have a...
  16. Nate Riley

    One black ball? Is this the answer?

    I agree, I would like to know all of the reasoning behind the law before jumping on board with an open discussion. With that said, it makes some sense to discuss it. A story I heard either here on MOT or at lodge, was that a certain man was mistaken for another man of the same name. At some...
  17. Nate Riley


    Yes, talk to your Dad and Uncles (in that order). If you live near them, give them an opportunity to be as involved as they want to be in the process. This will likely be a special time for them as well. I have seen big, "burly" men get very emotional over a son or grandson that had followed...
  18. Nate Riley

    Its about Texas...and Masons Photo Contest Winners!

    Congrats to Bro. Runnels! Thanks for representing Tarkington Prairie #498.
  19. Nate Riley

    Going to be a Shriner

    Good Choice! I wish I could be there. For those who are going on a hospital tour, you better be emotionally prepared. Those are absolutlely amazing places. I had trouble swallowing for about a day! Txmason - Get with some of the Nobles that drive the vans (see Duncan Chapman) and ride...
  20. Nate Riley

    Blue Degrees vs. Red Degrees

    For more info: