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  1. Casey

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    That whole Kung fu panda , FarmVille and Pokemon expansion. You too huh? Freemason Connect Premium App
  2. Casey

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    I think keeping your expectations low on MMO's is a wise idea. Ever since WoW came onto the scene each big MMO is billed as the WoW killer. Personally I think the only thing that can kill WoW is WoW. I just got tired of it, but it sure was a ton of fun for a much longer time period than I've...
  3. Casey

    My Nerd List

    How in the world can you remember the exact model of every phone you've had? Kudos.
  4. Casey

    Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 (4S)?

    I'm still using my old iPhone 4 which meets all my needs just fine. I am due for an upgrade but since both the iPhone 5 and SIII have been out for a year I just figured I would wait until the next round of new devices launches. I used to mod and root all my androids but have since gotten away...
  5. Casey

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    Shield tech Powertech.... flamethrowers and jet packs dude. /over
  6. Casey

    Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 (4S)?

    I have got my hands on the Note 2 a couple of times, it just seems like it would be too big for me to use as a daily driver. I'd spend all my time sewing up holes in my slacks pockets =)
  7. Casey

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    I played LotRO for several months back in 2010. It was fun I just got distracted and ended up playing other games.
  8. Casey

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    I quit at the end of Cata and tried out SWTOR just to tide me and my buddies over. Several of us just never went back to WoW after trying SWTOR. Sure it's not the 500lb gorilla that WoW is but it's entertaining and has a smaller and tighter community. It kinda makes me feel like I did playing...
  9. Casey

    Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 (4S)?

    Lots of different rumors out there about the release date of an iPhone 6 or 5S, as well as the Galaxy S4. Blake since you change phones about once a month I figured you may have the inside scoop =) I use Verizon as my carrier, no real choice here.
  10. Casey

    Grand Master of Florida Bans Certain Religions

    I've replied many times when asked about the "Masonic" religion. "Masonry doesn't save souls, or reform sinners." This blurb is to profess up front that my religion is not Masonry. Masonry affords me the opportunity to band together with men from all walks of life, and various religions in...
  11. Casey

    Hello Brothers

  12. Casey

    one step closer

    Congratulations, focus on learning the work right instead of fast. A lot stumble b/c of fast.
  13. Casey


    Congratulations on starting your journey!
  14. Casey

    Hello from California

  15. Casey

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    My father was a mason. I need to do some genealogy to find out if any others were
  16. Casey

    Have Any Of You Been In This Situation Before?

    I have a similar situation. I just spend as much time with my friends doing things that I want to do with them. I honor my commitments to the lodge to the best of my ability. And ALWAYS put my family responsibilities first. There is no right answer, no matter how you handle it someone will...
  17. Casey

    Fellowcraft Proficiency

  18. Casey

    Google +

    Caseyholder@gmail if anyone wants to add me. My circle is small ATM
  19. Casey


    I'll work on my pre draft list tomorrow then