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    Touchy Subject

    Thank you for bringing us back to our original post. We're thought that once someone is in the lodge/chapter they are a brother/sister. Despite your outside beliefs...would you shake their hand, look them in the eye, and call them brother/sister?
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    Touchy Subject

    The OES Constitution says we're open to all faiths accept no faith. And I could be wrong but isn't Masonry the same? If so... where in your constitution does it state that he cannot bring his partner to a Masonic Christmas party? That it is against Masonry values for him to "practice" his...
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    Touchy Subject

    Thank you Brother for both of your posts. I knew we got off topic but I did not quite know how to work a back on topic post. That is/was my point exactly. We are asked if we are married off the bat. Or our husbands/wives are invited to events. Therefore it became a question for me if, in this...
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    Touchy Subject

    My beliefs teach tolerance. If they represent the qualities to be a member then who they go home to is none of my business. If I personal choose to be uncomfortable with it then that's on me...but they are my brother or sister none the less.
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    Touchy Subject

    no one has said anything about their beliefs being different...just who they go home to. I know several God fearing gay men. All I was wondering if you would check your belief of their lifestyle at the door and accept him/her as a brother or sister in the lodge/chapter?
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    Touchy Subject

    This may not be fully appropriate but I thought I would ask anyway. In masonry, eastern star, shrine, york and scottish rite one of the things that is thought is to love each other. Tolerance and acceptance is key if the person presents the beliefs and character to join one of these fine...
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    So Mote it Be?

    I have often wondered this myself. However, it is slightly tweaked in the Eastern Star. I found this "MasonicWorld" website slightly helpful
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    Should Eastern Stars be allowed to wear Masonic items?

    Brothers, Recently there has been a lot of discussion or buzz about OES members vs Masonic items. Do you believe the members of the Eastern Star should be allowed to wear Masonic pics or t-shirts? For instance the OES Worthy Grand Patron currently sells ties with both logos on it to men...