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  1. bullrack33


  2. bullrack33

    The Name Game

    Howie Mandel
  3. bullrack33

    blood clinic

    HA! I'm the same boat you are.....
  4. bullrack33

    Any KY Freemasons

    I am a plural member Of Zebulon Lodge in Prestonsburg where my Grandfather was also a member.
  5. bullrack33

    Texas masonic trivia

    While these not a Texas Masonic item of interest, I found this readily accepted by my Lodge when I was in the South. The highest Lodge room in the world is said to be that of Roof of the World Lodge No. 1094, Oroya, Peru, in the Andes. It has an elevation of 14,167 feet. In contrast, the...
  6. bullrack33

    Anyone sport the top hat?

    My Lodge's WM-Elect will be sporting one.
  7. bullrack33

    Solicitation from the Grand Lodge of Texas

    Having personally seen the Grand Lodge Budget, I can say that there are a lot of ways to cut costs. Travel expenses for certain GL Officers could be cut by thousands of dollars. -Just saying-
  8. bullrack33

    Lodge in Bakersfield, CA

    Would love to have watched the story but it wont load.
  9. bullrack33


    I saw that tattoo on Facebook as well. There were alot of people laughing at this guy.
  10. bullrack33

    Here I am

    Welcome Brother!
  11. bullrack33

    Knights of Columbus

    Very interesting discussion! The IOOF is something I had wondered about for many years. My father and Grandfather were both members back home in Eastern Ky. I have often wondered though, why my father never became a Mason even though my Grandfather was. Maybe they had too much time together at...
  12. bullrack33

    Elected Worshipful Master

    Congrats Brother Price
  13. bullrack33

    From Galveston

    Bro. Michael, if you ever get around to making a trip to Gonzales, there is an entirely Masonic cemetery there. I stumbled across it once a few years ago and don't remember exactly where it is but I do remember that it is located in town along one the main streets.
  14. bullrack33


    I run into Brothers from other Lodges and States all the time here in San Antonio. It is truly a great feeling when I get the chance to talk to these Brethren. Having a Brother who is sitting next to you at a stop light talk to you is definitely awesome. Blows my wife's mind all the time!
  15. bullrack33

    why all the confusion ?

    That's it exactly!
  16. bullrack33

    Has anyone heard about this?

    I have heard through the proverbial grapevine that the Shrine would like to drop the requirement of Masonic affiliation for membership in order to increase their numbers. While I have not been able to confirm that, perhaps the Shrines actions in Arkansas and Michigan are indicative of that rumor?
  17. bullrack33

    Has anyone heard about this?

    To: Shrine International To: All Subordinate Lodges in Arkansas To: All Master Masons of Arkansas To: All Grand Jurisdictions To: All Appendant Bodies in Arkansas This letter is to inform you of the actions of Shriners International as it pertains to the M:. W:. Grand Lodge of Arkansas...
  18. bullrack33

    Merry christmas brothers!!!!‏

    Twas the Night before Christmas, And down at the lodge Not a gavel was stirring, And in the hodge podge Of aprons and jewels And chairs East and West You could savour the silence, Most gladly divest All metal and mineral, It mattered not, Since Christmas was nigh And the coals were...
  19. bullrack33

    Raised last night!