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  1. Glen Cook

    UGLE welcomes back GOI

    Yes, that is there. I think you failed to include the entire quote (or a link).
  2. Glen Cook

    Starting a lodge .

    That ma That May be a record.
  3. Glen Cook

    World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges

    You bet. Folks were still scratching their heads over Turkey’s comments today. They announced changes in the planned tours this evening because of concern over retaliation for the bombing in Gaza last night. I‘ve done a fair number of masonic events. I never factored in a “back up plan...
  4. Glen Cook

    World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges

    The first lecture is on the history of freemasonry in Israel, the Grand Lodge celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The lecture is largely from the Jubilee lecture on the subject, but with pretty pictures. There are sixty lodges. They work in...
  5. Glen Cook

    RV Vacations For Dummies: Special Pre-sale Offer Today Only

    An aside: congratulations on your recent raising.
  6. Glen Cook

    Greetings Brethren, from Tennessee

    I have many friends in Tennessee masonry, and your SGIG has been particularly kind to me. if you are ever near Lascasses, the land for Dunaway Chapel was given by my 2 GGrandfather, Bill Dunaway.
  7. Glen Cook


    You’re still mad about not getting that gift bag, aren’t you?
  8. Glen Cook

    PHO vs PHA

    Off topic. i would refer you to the Exposing Clandestine Freemasons FB group.
  9. Glen Cook


    Few of the US GLs took action. Utah has adopted a policy similar to that of the Home GLs of of waiting for a period of years after founding of a new GL before according recognition. Consequently, we can avoid issues in adjusting our relationship with Albania, of Georgia x 2, Lebanon...
  10. Glen Cook


    The situation has not been resolved. Indeed, a clandestine GL has been set up in Kosovo. Turkey has set up a lodge in Albania. It would be a mess. UGLE departed from their usual practice with Albania in waiting ten years to recognize a new GL. And got burned for doing so.
  11. Glen Cook

    Greetings From The Shire of New Hamp.

    But is the “positive” statement truthful? If he is a mason, he may enter his lodge and has the privilege of entering others. But he really can’t, as he has not been initiated. So, the statement is factually incorrect. In masonic ritual, it is commonly taught that one’s obligation makes them as...
  12. Glen Cook

    How to Join?

    yes, you should just give up if in Baghdad.
  13. Glen Cook

    Greetings from Texas

    Thanks for giving us the update. I suspect your first task is to demonstrate proficiency. If your lodge does the charge of the degree from memory, that’s a good place to begin ritual. If your senior steward gives a lecture in the prep room, learn that. I would join in the reading...
  14. Glen Cook

    What happens to the rejected candidate?

    You would need to speak to the grand lodge of the country where you are. There is no standard set of rules for the entire world.
  15. Glen Cook

    What happens to the rejected candidate?

    You now raise a different question. Your new question would be better directed at the grand lodge of the new country. Typically, you have to disclose the prior rejection.
  16. Glen Cook

    What happens to the rejected candidate?

    Really, you need to follow up with the grand lodge where you petitioned and the men who signed your petition.
  17. Glen Cook

    Greetings from Texas

    Great. Have they scheduled your Third?