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    The Widow's Sons

    At the December 2007 Grand Communication, the WS was initially approved recognition by the GLoT. The FMRC was then also approved recognition. Later that morning, a member brought the WS recognition back up for discussion on their recognition. The recognition was then pulled. I specifically...
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    The Grand Lodge Of Arkansas Continues Its Masonic Purge

    Just to add, this is not the first time the GLofA has been in the news recent years. Just search the web and you will see other incidents and their webpage was shut down some time ago.
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    Master's Hat

    When I was in the East, I wore a fedora. Personally I do not care about style, more about personal preference. Cowboy hats are/were not my thing. I bought a handmade fedora from Peters Bros in Ft Worth. They make hats in house and also order in hats.
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    Past Master's Aprons

    For me, it is having a Texas "regulation" Past Master's apron. One that is approved by Grand Lodge standards and constitution. Our lodge recently replaced aging and mix matched aprons with Texas regulation aprons as defined in Grand Lodge law.
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    Past Master's Aprons

    Thanks for the discussion so far. My lodge has been giving the outgoing Master a PM apron. They are a little smaller than the 16"X16" and are ornated with tassels hanging from under each side of the bib. The aprons are very nice. My interest is wanting to provide a Texas regulation PM apron...
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    Past Master's Aprons

    I have been trying to look into what aprons Texas lodges are giving to their Junior Past Masters? Is the lodge giving one as explained as a regulation apron in the Grand Lodge law? Please post pics if available. I apologize to Blake and the moderators if this post is in the wrong place.
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    Master's Hat

    I too have not ever been a real cowboy hat kind of guy. This is my year in the east and I opted for a fedora. It is an awesome hat I bought in downtown Ft Worth at Peters Brothers on Houston St. They have been making hats since the early 1900's and I mean making them from scratch or ordering...
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    Masons of Texas Vid

    Great video...suprised when a picture of my father and me popped up from our installation. Thanks for the hard work.