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  1. chancerobinson

    Texas York Rite Monitor?

    Great book review. I would add Freemasons Book of the Royal Arch as a great resource. And if you are not aware of the Companion Adept of the Temple program, I would recommend you look into this study course. The course uses many of the resources mentioned, and lists a few others...
  2. chancerobinson

    Texas York Rite Monitor?

    The Texas Chapter Monitor and Texas Council Monitor are useful in the sense that they provide illustrations (similar to the Grand Lodge of Texas Monitor) which are not present in the plain language ritual books. However, if you are looking for something similar to Lightfoot's Commentaries the...
  3. chancerobinson

    Past Master's Degree

    JJones - In Texas you are an Actual Past Master upon being seated in the East during your installation as Worshipful Master. Texas does not have a Past Master's Degree conferred by Blue Lodges. The Virtual Past Master's Degree can be conferred singularly on a brother who is serving or has...
  4. chancerobinson

    Master Mason Diploma from GL

    To my knowledge the order form is not available online, but is available only through the Grand Secretary's office 254.753.7395.
  5. chancerobinson

    Master Mason Diploma from GL

    MM Diploma The diploma is a great investment in my opinion for $5 plus shipping, you will have a certificate suitable for framing detailing the date of your being raised to the sublime degree. The certificate is written in English and Latin with all of the usual declarations. A couple of...
  6. chancerobinson

    Companion Adept of the Temple York Rite Educational Program

    I saw this article in the spring edition of the York Rite College newsletter and then I found the attached links. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to begin this program. I believe this is an educational tool that is needed for companions new and old. Traveling Templar: YREP Update...
  7. chancerobinson

    Sul Ross Lodge News spring edition is online The spring edition of our lodge newsletter is available online for any brother who might be interested.
  8. chancerobinson

    Exemplification of English Fellow Craft Degree - Panther City 1183

    I am not sure the reason for that portion of the announcement. In Texas, as in any other jurisdiction, a tiled FC lodge admits Master Masons, Fellow Crafts, and the candidate. Seeing that this is an exemplification there will not be any EAs admitted. ;-) I wish I were closer to Fort Worth as...
  9. chancerobinson

    New Warden's Requirements

    If the WM and SW are absent the JW assumes the east, if all three principal officers are absent the most recent PM present presides (in order of service within your lodge) whether he sat in the east in 2011 or 1991. So yes if the Junior PM is present he would preside. On another note our WM...
  10. chancerobinson

    New Warden's Requirements

    While I am unsure of the proper interpretation of the law. A brother proficient in the ritual opening and closing and having completed the portion of the program for the Junior Warden would be prepared to serve as Master given the absence of the other principal officers. The Senior Warden and...
  11. chancerobinson

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Agreed ... I failed to state "if necessary"... for a masonic disciplinary violation.
  12. chancerobinson

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Blake, As it stands you can bring masonic charges and suspend or expel an EA or FC if necessary, but they do not pay dues nor hold voting rights until they are a MM. They are not entitled to the honors and privileges of a Master Mason. If you want to keep them from attending the stated...
  13. chancerobinson

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    On a side note others return and complete their catechism, 25-40 years after their initiation, and become active Masons and contributors to our fraternity...personally I know of two brothers who fall in to this category.
  14. chancerobinson

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Opening on the EA degree for a Stated Communication is at the discretion of the Master. Several lodges in our area continue to open on the third degree for all Stated Communications. We also occasionally open an EA Lodge of Instruction to further explain the lessons of the first degree and the...
  15. chancerobinson

    Bridging The Gap

    I am confident this will happen in the near future.
  16. chancerobinson

    Fall 2011 Sul Ross Lodge News

    For those brethren who are interested the most recent edition of our quarterly lodge newsletter can be found at the following web address: Fraternally, Chance Robinson
  17. chancerobinson

    Whose lodges have a Facebook Page?

    Sul Ross #1300 has a website and an email listserv. We also use our facebook page for sharing of some information: Additionally, local area Masonic Facebook pages not already mentioned include: Brazos Union #129...
  18. chancerobinson

    Just petitioned the York Rite...Finally!

    Congratulations Brother
  19. chancerobinson

    Reading Recommendations

    Freemason's Guide and Compendium by Bernard E. Jones is a book that you should consider reading if it is not currently on your list, but any good book about masonry will benefit your Royal Arch journey. The more you understand and study the first three craft degrees, the more satisfaction you...