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  1. goldsquare


    My name is Landry and I am a newly raised Master Mason (5/15/2014) initiated 2/18/14 at St Petersburg #109 PHA. Will be posting here to seek more light as a traveling man.
  2. goldsquare

    The Original Prince Hall Charter

    Prince Hall could not get an American-based lodge to charter him and his brethren as a lodge so they mde their petition to the Grand Lodge of England, which was granted and was proven legitimate in 1991. So for those that speak down on Prince Hall masonry speak down on your own brothers...
  3. goldsquare

    Challenges on the street

    @bupton....the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida is Prince Hall, looked at the website and our MWM Anthony T. Stafford is the chairman for the Southern Region.
  4. goldsquare

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

    Thank you Bro. Hill and tldubb.
  5. goldsquare

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

    I am a newly raised MM under MWUGL of FL at St. Petersburg lodge #109. But our grand lodge was founded under the PH Grand Lodge of Pennsylanvia via Hiram Lodge #3, we can trace our lineage to African Lodge #459. We are Prince Hall Affiliated, but in my studies I found out brothers that are...
  6. goldsquare

    Raised to Sublime Degree of MASTER MASON!!!!!

    Congrats Square! Travel light and keep learning, read your scriptures, ritual and re-educate yourself on your 3 degrees.
  7. goldsquare

    Prince Hall day

    Thanks Warrior1256, travel light my brother!
  8. goldsquare

    Hello from Florida

    Greetings Square, I hail from St. Petersburg lodge #109. Was raise to MM on May 15th, 2014. My name is Landry Alexander.
  9. goldsquare

    Prince Hall day

    I did my first PH Day as a MM and its was fun. I had to give the occasion on the history of Prince Hall. Gained plenty of insight on the governance and establishment of Prince Hall Masonry. Still it surprises me when I go on Facebook and other discussion post boards and other Masons from other...
  10. goldsquare

    Spiritual help

    I was in a similar quandary when I was deciding on becoming a Freemason as my grandfather before me. If you listen to people on the outside looking in you will end up with all types of mis-information. I talked to Mason who was also a minister and he laid it out plain and simple that if the...