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  1. AMcClure

    Helped to confer my first degree!

    Thank you, it was a great experience and I am honored to have been able to participate.
  2. AMcClure

    Helped to confer my first degree!

    I acted as Sr. Deacon for two EA degrees for the first time on Tuesday. Was pretty nervous but I think I did a pretty good job! :drool:
  3. AMcClure

    2011 Esoteric Certifications (GLoTX)

    Thank you brother.
  4. AMcClure

    2011 Esoteric Certifications (GLoTX)

    Yes brother, thank you. One other question if I may, does the openings/closing require the "double-order" step down from a MM lodge? I see that this is tested by the DI for elected WMs but was not explicit in the C Certificate which grants an exclusion from the DI testing.
  5. AMcClure

    2011 Esoteric Certifications (GLoTX)

    Brothers, on this topic, I hope to gain my C Certificate later this summer. I am a rather new Brother but have been studying hard on the questions/answers and openings/closings. I hope you can give me some assistance with questions about what is exactly covered in the exam. I know that the C...
  6. AMcClure

    Late to the party

    Glad it seems to be working for you now. Welcome!
  7. AMcClure

    PM out of Austin now in DFW

    We do candidate work on Mondays and Wednesdays at about 6pm. I believe floor work and instruction are on Mondays and Thursdays but as a newly raised MM I have not yet attended any. Owls or BGS can chime in here for a more definitive answer.
  8. AMcClure

    Resolutions 2012

    Great digging and work to all involved. Well deserved and much needed resolution. I hope for easy passing at GLoT.
  9. AMcClure

    New member

    Welcome brothers. It is a wonderful journey that never ends. Keep reaching for more light.
  10. AMcClure


    Welcome to the boards!
  11. AMcClure

    PM out of Austin now in DFW

    Good day Brother, It was my degree that was conferred on the 24th. It was an incredible experience. I have to ditto owls84 in that we would love to have you at Tarrant 942. There are a great bunch of Brothers at this lodge. Welcome to DFW!
  12. AMcClure

    3rd degree to be confered soon!

    Just an update. I was raised last Thursday, what a ceremony. I loved every minute. Thank you so much to all of the Brothers that participated. I was very moved by the heartfelt moments throughout. Also another thank you to all of the Brothers here on MoT for the kind words and help as I...
  13. AMcClure

    3rd degree to be confered soon!

    Good evening Brothers, It looks like my raising to MM will take place next Thursday! I have my FC proficiency prepared and am looking forward to further light.
  14. AMcClure

    New Entered Apprentice

    Welcome brother! I remember being in your place not long ago. Enjoy the journey.
  15. AMcClure

    Hello from Carrollton, TX

    Congratz Ben! I may have to make it over to Carrollton to attend. Which lodge are you going through?
  16. AMcClure

    The last person to post in this thread wins

    Very funny!
  17. AMcClure

    One step further

    I agree, having gone through this recently myself. It is that lack of control over your destiny that is causing the nervousness. Especially upon the realization that the draw to the light is burning within you. Rest assured that it is well worth the patients and nerves! Enjoy the ride as it...
  18. AMcClure

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    The funny story about that is he has been for some time and I only recently found out.
  19. AMcClure

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    My Brother is a Mason (Blackhawk lodge in Colorado) and my wife's father (EA, not active) and grandfather (32nd) were both Masons.
  20. AMcClure

    Finished up EA proficiency tonight

    Thank you everyone!