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  1. Bro. Bennett

    What office for 2001-12?

    Congratulations Bro. Price.. I am Secretary Coleman # 496... Ya'll come visit anytime..
  2. Bro. Bennett

    What was your first position?

    Congrats Bro. Lottman.. I was elected Secretary tonight... Geeeeeshhhhh. here we go.... lol Update: Installation is Sat. June 25, 2011... Whirlwind for me....
  3. Bro. Bennett

    Questions Bout Endowment

    I am putting on a bullet proof shoe as I write this.... I agree with Bro. Benton, you get what you pay for, and in my opinion, dues have been kept way to low for the organizational processes of most local lodges. I belong to another organization, no names mentioned, it is an international group...
  4. Bro. Bennett


    Brothers, I have heard thru the grapevine there will be a reunion in the Abilene area in June and another in Coleman sometime in September. As soon as I get dates in cement, I will post these so those wanting can come participate...
  5. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Hiram Bennett... 2nd cousin of mine.. Raised a MM in 1958 in Ohio I think..
  6. Bro. Bennett

    Which one was the most diffcult?

    I remember walking with Sam Smith and Henry King when I learned this stuff. Glad they walked with me since my old brain needs cheering on sometimes.
  7. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Yakov Smirnov
  8. Bro. Bennett

    Dog in Law Book?

    Woof woof grwl woof
  9. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Gwineth Paltrow
  10. Bro. Bennett

    Greetings and Salutations from Flatonia.

    Welcome Brother.. Enjoy the journey...
  11. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    ooooops, got jumped.. Dillingham Marshall.. Civil War Private, courier for the SOUTH side....
  12. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Hiram Lampkin.. my 2nd cousin who was a Mason, Shriner, SR, and YR gentleman from Golden Pond, KY... Went to the Lodge in the Sky in 2006..
  13. Bro. Bennett

    Reunion in Waco

    There will be a Reunion close to Abilene sometime in June. As soon as I find the exact details, I will post the details for all to see.. I will join and receive the degree's at this one..
  14. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    James... The butler, driver in all early moving pictures.. Home James
  15. Bro. Bennett

    Cousins wife died

    Bretheren, I would appreciate prayers and thoughts for my cousin Bro. Bobby Bennett and his family of Florida. His loving wife went to be with the Lord this morning, after a long courageous battle with cancer.
  16. Bro. Bennett

    Anti-Masonic Sentiment in the Church??

    Bretheren, I would like to share a story about the Church I grew up in; This particular church in San Antonio had very strong anti-Masonic beliefs. My mother dragged us there while growing up, and we had many doctinal statements shoved down our throats while attending there. I witnessed a fine...
  17. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Ronald Reagan
  18. Bro. Bennett

    Osama Bin Laden is Dead

    Either way Bill, I went to the bar this morning and ordered an Osama.. 2 shots followed by a splash of water...
  19. Bro. Bennett

    The Name Game

    Richard Nixon....
  20. Bro. Bennett

    Bro. Mickey Taylor

    Prayers for his loved ones and Brothers....