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  1. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Is the Commandery too difficult for most Masons?

    This is a off-topic reply, but I would like to speak with a Texas York Rite Mason. I am investigating the bodies of Masonry to make a 3-5 year plan for my education and want to be well-informed before doing so. If anyone would like to help, please PM me. Thanks for your time.
  2. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    is there any onion creek members here

    Bro. Wes, I might be able to help. I'm the Musician and newsletter editor for Onion Creek Lodge. We usually have instruction on Mondays and Thursdays, too. Have your brothers get in touch with me @
  3. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Genesis as allegory?

    YES! - good questions, Dave! I do love discussing symbolism and it's too bad that 200 miles separates us to where we can't have these kinds of convo's on a regular basis. I'd like to focus on the quote "If you eat the fruit, you will die." My first question is "If the Tree of Knowledge...
  4. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    resolutions and recompense

    as this year winds to a close and we do our best to gather with those who are special and dear to us we should be mindful of ourselves our words and actions over the last year we should be mindful of our shortcomings think over this year and who you were think about the things you said, the...
  5. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Religion Test Part 2

    1. Unitarian Universalism (100%) 2. Liberal Quakers (92%) 3. Reform Judaism (90%) 4. Neo-Pagan (89%) 5. Mahayana Buddhism (88%) 6. New Age (87%) 7. Sikhism (85%) 8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (83%) 9. Baha'i Faith (77%) 10. Theravada Buddhism (72%) 11. Jainism (72%) 12...
  6. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Death Metal Mason? you betcha.

    Thanks! Antero Sleeps (Click on the name above) We have a couple of sound files that you can listen to but it isn't recent. The subject matter surrounding the music and lyrics are based on a series of short stories that I've written (I am no Asimov, though). We are also on Facebook (there is...
  7. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Death Metal Mason? you betcha.

    We have a nice Lodge. Don't get me wrong: I have visited some impressive Lodges with even more impressive Lodgerooms, but there is something really special about OCL. Of course, my opinion is slightly biased. ;)
  8. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Death Metal Mason? you betcha.

    Always good to hear from a person with good taste in music! I'm into a lot of the sub-genres, too. Gotten into Doom during the last year. Anyway, you should keep in touch! I've got a band up on Myspace. If you're interested, I can send you the Myspace address.
  9. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Texas Capitol Master Mason Degree

    ooooooh. i just went to alamo lodge's installation at the alamo. it would be sweet to check this off my list, too.
  10. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Death Metal Mason? you betcha.

    I had always considered myself a good person, despite shortcomings. Dave Householder from Sugarland 1141 can attest to some of those shortcomings. :thumbup: I am an Eagle Scout (and a member of the Order of the Arrow) and spent the majority of my teens involved in one service project or...
  11. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Greetings from Onion Creek#220

    oh, if you want to come to the stated meeting, it is the SECOND thursday of june (6/10). there is a shriner function on the first thursday, so we are moving it. our junior warden (dennis ross) is conducting a lodge tour of the 5 county area. its a goal of his to visit all the 5 county lodges...
  12. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Greetings from Onion Creek#220

    wow...spam in a masonic forum?
  13. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law

    respectfully to everyone who has posted on this topic: our ancestors paid no attention to what was right when they invaded and occupied this land, nor to the laws that existed here thousands of years before their arrival. some compassionate thinking might be in order here. however, to...
  14. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Greetings from Onion Creek#220

    it was a shining moment of triumph compared to some of the moments spent in Alief. that is to be certain.:6:
  15. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Greetings from Onion Creek#220

    Newly raised MM from Onion Creek in Austin, Texas. I joined this blog last year when I was beginning my Masonic journey and forgot that I had signed up! I was lucky enough to visit Gonzales Lodge #30 in March with my lodge (we are doing lodge visits) and was welcomed warmly by our brethren at...