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  1. Keith C

    New Books: 'The Craft' by John Dickie; 'History of Esoteric and Anagogic Doctrines' by...

    Now that this is available for e-readers I will pick it up. I look forward to reading this and seeing what the author has to say.
  2. Keith C

    Masonic Lawyer Missouri harassment case

    I would just like to point out "No relation!"
  3. Keith C

    About lodge and the infection.

    As long as we all avoid infarctions we should get on OK.
  4. Keith C


    Indeed best to ask a Tax attorney or Tax accountant. Most Lodges I have contact with are set up as non-profits but NOT charities. In any case given the reduced tax deduction allowance for charitable contributions in the US, I doubt it will matter in the end if you are located in the States.
  5. Keith C

    Masonic Week Feb 8-12, 2023

    I was thinking the same. Seems we will both be looking for the same guy!
  6. Keith C

    Masonic Week Feb 8-12, 2023

    This year will be my First Masonic Week and I am very much looking forward to the events, dinners and Degrees!
  7. Keith C

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Indeed. We have an Organist in PA for Grand Lodge as well as a Soloist. One local Lodge I have been to has a piano and pianist. Otherwise no music in Blue Lodges around here. For Chapter we have recordings from the Penn State Male Chorus for the songs associated with the 3 Degrees we...
  8. Keith C

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Welcome to the forum Brother! Funny, we have an organ and no one who knows how to play. Last week after Lodge a couple of us were wondering if it actually works! We turned it on and low and behold if you press a key, sound comes out!
  9. Keith C

    Jurisdiction bucket list

    Me too! I never think to look ahead and plan our trips for when one meets. Typically get into NOLA a day after one meets or leave the day before!
  10. Keith C

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    Brief update, Last week I received the Knight of Malta Degree. I was a bit taken aback by a portion of the ritual! Overall very interesting and meaningful. I will be going through the final Degree on Feb 2nd. Very much looking forward to it!
  11. Keith C

    Jurisdiction bucket list

    If you make it over I'll buy you a Cheesesteak and take you on a Tour of the Philadelphia Masonic Temple!
  12. Keith C


  13. Keith C

    Interesting observation as a result of Masonic District Change

    As of St John's Day last my Blue Lodge has changed Masonic Districts due to some shuffling of District assignments here in PA. We have had some informal meetings between members of the Lodges in our new District over the past few months but Last night was the first "official" event as part of...
  14. Keith C

    Illus. Dr. Rex R. Hutchens Passes Away

    Farewell Brother.
  15. Keith C

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy the experience either way, going through the EA and FC Degrees again might actually be the best thing to jog the memories!
  16. Keith C

    Happy St. John's Day Brothers!

    And I will mention in Pennsylvania we only mention ONE St. John, St John the Evangelist on who's Saint's Day our Masonic Years begin and end. Also our Lodges are not dedicated to St John but to God, they are "Held forth in memory" of St John.
  17. Keith C

    Seasons Greetings

    Thank You Bloke! Christmas was wonderful with the family all together this year. Tomorrow, St John the Evangelist Day, marks the start of a new Masonic year and I am delighted that an excellent group of Officers are taking over in both my Blue Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter. Additionally my...
  18. Keith C

    New to the site...not to being a Mason

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. Keith C

    Installed as Sovereign Master on My AMD Council Saturday

    I am very confused try to figure out what you are trying to say here.
  20. Keith C

    Master Mason Pocket Certificate

    One up on me. No PM certificate but a VERY nice apron and jewel.