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  1. Bigmel


    Thanks to all that attended our Installation & 125 anniversary. MW Jerry Martin was Great. It was such a honor to have him be Installing Officer & present the Lodge with the 125 year Certificate from GLOT. We had a great crowd and Fellowship. Thanks again
  2. Bigmel


    INSTALLATION & 125TH ANNIVERSARY-BORDER #672 Installation Officer will be Most Worshipful Jerry L. Martin, Grand Master of Texas INSTALLATION & 125TH ANNIVERSARY-BORDER #672 Meal:6:30pm with Installation and Anniversary program to follow. Open Meeting bring your family & Friends LOCATION...
  3. Bigmel

    Being Raised 08/25/2012

    Congratulations!!! We plan on putting you to work
  4. Bigmel

    Traveling Certificate

    I have one from my great grandfather filled out an sealed in 1871 it is on parchment I had it framed by a pro and presented to my son when he was installed as WM in 2010
  5. Bigmel

    Time Limits

    That's the way I read the Law Book Bro Lins. There are rules they have to follow. But receiving the degrees again is not one of them.
  6. Bigmel

    New Zealand

    Welcome. New Zealand is my wife's Dream Trip, before we get to old and stop traveling. Any Suggestions?
  7. Bigmel

    All Day Forum, Border #672

    Border #672, 918 Westlawn Drive, Texarkana, TX 75501 will be hosting a working, (no Exam), all day forum for District 1A and anyone else who would like to attend, on April 23, 2011. Breakfast 7:30am, Start afterwards and Lunch about 12:00pm should be over about 5:00pm. The Forum will be...
  8. Bigmel


    We are lucky. We have a 17,500 sq ft bldg. 2 Lodge Rooms, Game Room, Library, Dining room and Com. Kitchen. We let other groups use the kitchen and Dining room. It is our Lodge’s policy that Liquor is not allowed, other than for toast at wedding reception or anniversary party, etc. may be used...
  9. Bigmel

    Lodge Minutes

    We do the same thing that Bro Bill_Lin’s Lodge does and we have no problems with the financial institutions. I Retired from a Bank and all they want is a legal document that will protect them if something happens.
  10. Bigmel

    What do you do with your phone during lodge meetings?

    I keep mine on silent. I bring it because like so many, I keep a copy of the Law book on it to search if need be, I keep my calendar on it. I do not answer. (text) while in meeting. If it is a emergency I Leave lodge to answer message.
  11. Bigmel

    What browser?

    I use Chrome Also Windows Explorer Both serve my needs.
  12. Bigmel

    How often did you study when coming through the degrees?

    I met with my instructor about 3 times a week. At his home. In two week I had the questions and answers down and had to wait for stated meeting to turn in work. I examined myself, questions and answers, the next stated meeting after each degree. I was raised in April 1965. My instructor was...
  13. Bigmel


    I am delighted also very nice. keep us informed
  14. Bigmel

    Would your lodge like to have a US Flag, flown in Afghanistan?

    Brother Martin I would love one for Border 672 how do i Sign up.
  15. Bigmel

    Where Have Our Widows Gone?

    We also have a Christmas Party,Santa Claus, Food, Gifts and Music the night we deliver the Baskets to thier home Everyone seems to enjoy every year.
  16. Bigmel

    Where Have Our Widows Gone?

    Our Lodge has a tradition of delivering Fruit and Nut Baskets to our Widows before Christmas, last year we had 42, I believe. We also present Widows pins and certificates to all widows for the past year, starting last year we started presenting these pin and certificates during our open...
  17. Bigmel

    Grand Lodge Records

    If you live in Texas find an old lodge and check their Library go through the Grand Lodge Proceeding for the years you are looking for. When you find something it is just like Christmas. The Grand Lodge will check it out for you also and send anything they find. Our lodge has all the GL...
  18. Bigmel

    2007 Compact between the MWGLofTX and the MWPHGLofTX

    thanks for sharing Bro. Ashton
  19. Bigmel

    Lodge Contacts

    Lodge Name: Border #672 Address: 918 Westlawn Drive, Texarkana, TX 75501 Worshipful Master: Don Power Contact for lodge member and/or lodge: Melvin Megason, Secretary or Meeting Date/Time: Second Monday of each month, dinner 6:30, meeting at 7:30 Meeting Dress: Casual