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  1. Traveling Man

    Eight Steps To Excellence: The Observant Lodge

    Excellent information, thank you.
  2. Traveling Man

    Table Lodge Legislation

    Well, this is not a description on any "table lodge" where I was a participant, neither domestic nor foreign. I'd like to see the actual submittal and the precise wording to ascertain the real purpose. But I'll still bet that the suspicions are related to my first comment. But I'll wait until...
  3. Traveling Man

    Table Lodge Legislation

    It looks like the teetotalers are at it again. I guess they assume because they cannot circumscribe their desires, that no one else can. If this Bull $hine passes, we will once again appear as backwards. I cannot believe that a tradition that is practiced world wide will be abolished here...
  4. Traveling Man

    Masonic websites:

    Nice web site! Clean...
  5. Traveling Man

    Solicitation of funds from Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM

    Wow, I cannot believe that some individuals here are trying to stifle creative debate and conversation under the banner of "proper Masonic protocol". It would appear that it must have not become apparent that "we" as the fraternity "are" the grand lodge and the "elected" are our representatives...
  6. Traveling Man

    Moving to England

    Thank you for this information. I was going to speak up but I'm not from the U.K., but I know this first hand. Once again Thank You.
  7. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    We are saying the same thing, I was specifically addressing the constitutionality of our (bylaws, etc.) institution, not the back biting within that some would bring into the public courts. Once again, if this were truly a constitutional matter it would have been already ruled as such. Our...
  8. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    And there's the answer, when individuals decide to drag things as such into court. I however noticed that nothing was said about the terms & conditions on our petition for membership, and nothing mentioned about Anderson's Constitutions nor bylaws and landmarks. Oh, well we'll leave that as it...
  9. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    The establishment clause has no effect in Masonry, nor does case law, as they apply to government institutions. There seems to be something that is being overlooked and that would be the freedom of association, something lacking in this dialogue. If someone wants to impose all of the contortions...
  10. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    If one were so inclined why would he be bothered by what others think? Nice mix by the way your statement, "unpatriotic or irreligious" that being in and of itself divisive. In fact it is my understanding that the very few religious groups that take umbrage with "the flag" wouldn't kneel at an...
  11. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    To me all this is a tempest in a tea pot. In other countries they have their pledges and I have respectfully acknowledged theirs as I would my own, this too was done in tyled lodges... The United States Congress opens each session with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer...
  12. Traveling Man

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Bellamy's goal was to sell flags... In 1891, Daniel Sharp Ford, the owner of the Youth's Companion, hired Bellamy to work with Ford's nephew James B. Upham in the magazine's premium department. In 1888, the Youth's Companion had begun a campaign to sell American flags to public schools as a...
  13. Traveling Man

    Happy Canada Day!

    A little late too; Happy Canada Day to our friends up north!
  14. Traveling Man

    Kinda Sad

    Me too! LoL!
  15. Traveling Man

    Masonic Law Question

    It makes it easy to play "spot the idiot". :-)
  16. Traveling Man

    The big pink elephant in the room...

    And Vice Versa...!
  17. Traveling Man

    The big pink elephant in the room...

    We may be Brothers from different mothers, but we are Brothers none the less!
  18. Traveling Man

    The big pink elephant in the room...

    JWhoff >Wise words my brother. Let it be known, you are not alone!
  19. Traveling Man

    how old is freemasonry?

    We knew that... :-)
  20. Traveling Man

    Schlumberger drug test

    They don't ask; there's a form you fill out that requires that you list all prescribed drugs. If you are taking what are supposed to be prescibed without a prescription then bingo; you're out! HIPAA has nothing to do with it! I knew a guy that "failed" a drug test because he indicated clean, in...