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  1. Bro Jaime Solis

    Volume 3 - Issue 8 - Fall 2012
  2. Bro Jaime Solis

    2 Be 1 Ask 1

    Lol....I think I need to start deleting on my Facebook...I believe I have a couple of those clandy masons on my friends list..
  3. Bro Jaime Solis

    Western star 11 pha

    :44: :001_tt2:
  4. Bro Jaime Solis

    Prayer in Lodge

    on another site i found a post pertaining to prayer in a lodge setting. The question was should prayer be specific to ones believe or should we use a more universal prayer. i for one believe that we must be mindful and respect those brethren of other religious beliefs. i also believe that in our...
  5. Bro Jaime Solis

    How much do you pay?

    150 for degrees and 30/ mth for local lodge dues which includes the 60/yr for GL Relief
  6. Bro Jaime Solis

    New PHA 2012 Publication

    I posted it because our lodge is in it under District 18
  7. Bro Jaime Solis

    New PHA 2012 Publication
  8. Bro Jaime Solis

    New PHA 2012 Publication
  9. Bro Jaime Solis

    "Healing Over"

    I did in Jan 28 2012 before that I was with mount carmel grand lodge of Austin tx but all our lodge healed over to PHA after researching and finding the truth that this said Grand lodge could not be traced back to UGLE with that said I feel alot better sort of like a burden has been lifted and I...
  10. Bro Jaime Solis

    Good Music
  11. Bro Jaime Solis

    Seeking Light

    Welcome brother I hail from Western Star 11 MWPHGLoTexas district 18 Victoria Tx
  12. Bro Jaime Solis

    What does the "Beehive" symbolize?

    Basically its like each individual bee in the hive knows their job and what's expected from each individual bee I'm asking enlighten me Brothers
  13. Bro Jaime Solis

    New Lodge created from previous unrecognized group

    GM Curtis of PHGLofTX in the house today it's a great beautiful day that the Lord has made ready for this healing to PHA
  14. Bro Jaime Solis

    New Lodge created from previous unrecognized group

    Today is the day getting healed to PHA all my lodge
  15. Bro Jaime Solis

    Setting up xBOX 360

    Are does movies on ur pc or u just tryin to access ur apple tv thru Xbox cuz I don't think u can
  16. Bro Jaime Solis

    Christmas Cheer

    Christmas toy drive
  17. Bro Jaime Solis


    I want the glitch made available lol
  18. Bro Jaime Solis


    my kids have Ps3 wit MW3 and it's good two thumbs up as long as it don't replace our family it's alright