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  1. Mike Mendelson

    Maine Masons

    Hello to my Mainiac Brothers! My grandfather and great grandfather were masons in Lewiston (Rabboni Lodge). I've been trying for two years to find out about their masonic history but so far, "official channels" haven't gotten anything done. My dad, who is not a mason, but very happy I joined...
  2. Mike Mendelson

    "Encouraging" a potential brother

    Brothers, With the understanding, at least in the US, that we do not "recruit" and being mindful of the slogan "To be one, ask one," what advice do you have on encouraging an upright man of good character to learn more and develop an interest in our brotherhood? Best regards, Mike
  3. Mike Mendelson

    Lodge Charity Website Up and Running

    Good evening Brothers! I wish you all a good start to your week. Just spreading the word that the charitable foundation for our lodge (Ionic #145, Reisterstown, Maryland, USA) is up and running. We support local schools, community crisis centers, and sponsor limited college scholarships to...
  4. Mike Mendelson

    What do you enjoy most about the Shrine?

    Hi all, Maryland Mason here. I'm planning on submitting my petition to the Shrine soon. I'd appreciate anything you Nobles have to share, regardless of your location. Thanks! Mike
  5. Mike Mendelson

    Visiting a PHA Lodge

    Hello Brothers! Wishing you all a great start to your week. I am a recently (this year) raised AF & AM Master Mason in Maryland. What is the protocol for visiting a PHA lodge? DO I go through my lodge or the state grand lodge? I'd really like to connect with my PHA brothers.
  6. Mike Mendelson

    The future of lodges

    Brothers. Hope all of you and your families are well. Our lodge just approved three petitions and we will have new Entered Apprentices soon! It's very exciting. Our lodge seems to be doing well. Others in my state, not so much. I've heard tales of lodges where the average age is well over...
  7. Mike Mendelson

    Brother Mel Blanc

    Found this article through the Freemasonry LinkedIn Group. Fascinating!
  8. Mike Mendelson


    Brothers, Are there any active lodges in Ukraine and if so, what can we do to support them during this dark and disturbing time?
  9. Mike Mendelson

    Just raised!

    Brothers,, My lodge brother and I were raised to the sublime degree last night. What a great experience. Due to COVID, we are postponing a festive board until the spring, which is fine with me. My journey is just beginning. Best regards, Mike Mendelson, MM
  10. Mike Mendelson

    Happy New Year!

    To all my brothers around the world, I wish you a happy, healthy, successful New Year grounded in the principles and tenets of our profession. The world needs us now more than ever. Best regards, Mike (FC)
  11. Mike Mendelson

    Historical Knights Templar

    Are there any good, accurate documentaries on the historical Knights Templar? I'm particularly interested in the organization, culture (and cultural influences), and structure of the order, as well as the architecture of its castles, churches, and commanderies. I don't trust NatGeo or the...
  12. Mike Mendelson

    Freemasonry in the Middle East

    Brothers, This question is asked with all due respect. I read recently that Freemasonry is outlawed in most countries in the Middle East, save Israel, Morocco, and Lebanon. Perhaps sharia law countries, Freemasonry might be considered heresy, similar to the Papal Bull still in force (even if...
  13. Mike Mendelson

    Passed to Fellowcraft

    Passed to Fellowcraft last night along with my lodge brother (we were initiated together) and four brothers from a neighboring lodge. Great experience and the journey continues. I'm looking forward to the next phase of study. Be well and stay safe!
  14. Mike Mendelson

    Happy Universal Brotherhood Day!

    To all our brothers around the world! Peace, prosperity, friendship, loyalty, and of course brotherhood to all! Best regards, Mike
  15. Mike Mendelson

    Heraldry and Grant of Arms

    Brothers, As a youth, I was fascinated by heraldry and am pleased to see the armorial bearings of different grand lodges, individual lodges, and appendant bodies. As an EA, I'm trying not to get to ahead of myself and am mainly focusing on learning my catechism. However, I am curious to know...
  16. Mike Mendelson

    New Mason

    Hello Brothers, I became an Entered Apprentice at my lodge last night. What an amazing experience! Great group of men across several generations. So glad to be here and looking forward to, well, everything! Best regards, Mike Ionic Lodge # 145 Reisterstown, MD