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  1. jermy Bell

    Masks on! Masks off! Masks on! Masks off!

    Our out going grand master cant make up his mind. Wear one, dont wear one, it's up to the lodge to or don't, then up to the individual to decide. Now we're back to the governor or what the majority is saying. Freemasonry is a private and not public fraternity. I kinda see it like a country...
  2. jermy Bell

    A question many should ask!

    I could not agree more. I would rather do it like the English, there are things you need to learn before you are even ready to take the next step. And not just shove you through degrees.
  3. jermy Bell

    A question many should ask!

    If you had time to join, then you have time to attend. I understand that life gets in the way, but if you cant find time for lodge and your duties, then I would say join at a later part in life when you can fulfill your duties as a freemason.
  4. jermy Bell

    Richard went into space!

    What is sad is that NASA has been rocking since the 1960's until just recently. And now we can't redesign something to get our space program back up and running???? And now we are relying on billionaires to get it going again ? Something is definitely rotten in Denmark.
  5. jermy Bell

    Should the history channel have done a show on freemasons.

    The sad thing is, that everyone loves those shriners, they have parades, even a circus that comes to town. They also have free hospitals for children. These are some up standing men. But I remind people all the time, that these men are also Mason's. Then that's when the deer in the headlights...
  6. jermy Bell

    Richard went into space!

    Technically, he reached the outer atmosphere,not space itself
  7. jermy Bell

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    I wish masonry would separate from the shrine. To me they are just a embarrassment.
  8. jermy Bell

    J.W this year !!!!!!

    J.W this year !!!!!!
  9. jermy Bell

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Thank you for everyone's input, but a few have missed the mark. This has nothing to do with selling your lodge, or getting away from maintaining a lodge. These lodges are closing because no one shows up to these lodges to fill the principal officer chairs. Members just stop showing up for...
  10. jermy Bell

    Encouraging Local Volunteerism In Your Masonic Lodge

    All I see is, I wanna be a mason, I just have to be a mason, but when the time comes for doing anything, they just cant find the time, but found the time to do all 3 degrees. I see it as, if you cant find time to participate in masonic dealings, dont become a mason.
  11. jermy Bell

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    I appreciate the the reply's, but it not about losing a building. It looks like those with life membership is moving them to different lodges, while other members just aren't coming back to lodge. This past year we all have suspended alot of members for non payment of dues. When reached out to...
  12. jermy Bell

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Within the last 2 years I have seen 20 lodges either consolidate or permanently close her in central / southern Illinois. With a few more looking to close by the end of this year What new members we do get, after reaching master mason they never return. I know the pandemic has caused a bit of a...
  13. jermy Bell

    Hello from NY

    Hello from Illinois, welcome.
  14. jermy Bell

    They've Found Us Out!

    Oh lord my God, have the people no common sense ? No they have not, being beaten with the stupid stick prevents them from seeing the light.
  15. jermy Bell

    Ted Cruz

    This is not a discussion that needs to take place here. I thank you.
  16. jermy Bell

    Never received an apron

    Here in Illinois, you are presented a apron and bible after the 3rd degree. For the 1sr and 2nd degree, you use a lodge apron.
  17. jermy Bell

    So, what's the pandemic done to your lodge ?

    We have gone back to in person meetings, with mandatory precautions in place. No mask, you dont get to stay. Our lodge room can accommodate 50 people sitting. So every 2nd and 3rd chair is blocked so on and so on. In the dinning area 3 people to a table. This has worked so far. And hopefully...
  18. jermy Bell

    So, what's the pandemic done to your lodge ?

    I guess we'll have to go back to the 1770's and do it on the down low. Better if you know someone with a large garage or basement.
  19. jermy Bell


    Great to hear that brother, you are in our thoughts and prayers.