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  1. jermy Bell

    Is the end really near for freemasonry ?

    Within the last 2 years I have seen 20 lodges either consolidate or permanently close her in central / southern Illinois. With a few more looking to close by the end of this year What new members we do get, after reaching master mason they never return. I know the pandemic has caused a bit of a...
  2. jermy Bell

    Widows sons, Sturgis and the lodge

    Sturgis motorcycle week draws thousands of bikers from all over the country. With the current pandemic , and the reopening of lodges, how safe do you feel if you have members attending this large gathering and coming to lodge ??
  3. jermy Bell

    in desperate need of rainbow members in southern Illinois

    Brothers, wardens, do you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, that are between 12- 21 years old and live in southern Illinois? The rainbow girls are in dire need of new members, several assemblies have had to shut down due to declining membership. Please visit their website, and help the...