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  1. Forthright

    The Decline of Fraternal Ritualism

    This post is about how changes in society at the beginning of the 20th century did away with the "Golden Age of Fraternalism" and hundreds of different fraternal orders. It is an important part of the history of Freemasonry at a time when it was co-evolving with many other bodies. Read more
  2. Forthright

    Masonry and Fathers

    It’s surprising how many Freemasons I know have stories in their background of major conflicts with their fathers. There are masons who grew up adopted wondering why their biological father gave them up, those whose fathers were physically or emotionally abusive, those who had problems with...
  3. Forthright

    Facebook Links Restored

    The site may have numerous and obvious flaws, but it's also the world's most adopted social network for anyone age 30 and up. It serves a crucial purpose for communication in the US craft. Other international jurisdictions tend to use other tools, but time and time again I find that if there's...
  4. Forthright

    Impatience, Loss of Gravity

    My lodge recently received a letter with updated guidance from our Grand Master. The situation our Grand Master finds himself in as a leader is one that frankly makes me grateful I’m not in Masonic leadership. There seem so few good decisions to be made, and so many constraints. My GM’s...
  5. Forthright

    Rocky Mountain Mason Magazine

    I recently subscribed and I'm waiting on my first copy. I've subscribed to several other magazines and journals like Phylaxis and in general I've enjoyed them. Really the sheer number of these things makes me wish I had a masonic library nearby, and I hope that more publications will go...
  6. Forthright

    2020 in Masonry, One Review

    Fair enough. How then, in such an environment, do so many brothers develop such firm, fixed, and confident views about who is regular and who isn't, what is "real masonry" and what isn't?
  7. Forthright

    2020 in Masonry, One Review

    I'm aware, and that's a little mind-blowing...and mine doesn't either. This is mind-blowing because lacking any firm list of things that unambiguously makes a GL masonic, it makes the entire idea of freemasonry look more and more fuzzy the more you look at it. I.e., play the game: "Make one...
  8. Forthright

    2020 in Masonry, One Review

    I mean, no, not particularly. I chose that as an example of "if there's anything that's constant across all the practices of freemasonry, it'd be that" but I also know there are exceptions and caveats to that, multiple obediences, etc. There is a mind-boggling amount of diversity out there all...
  9. Forthright

    2020 in Masonry, One Review

    Many don't! But that's not the point. It's just one perspective of the calendar year, no specific Masonic year. One of the themes of the entire thing is that there's almost nothing you can say (outside the landmarks of Freemasonry) which apply to most/all lodges.
  10. Forthright

    2020 in Masonry, One Review

    I attempted to summarize everything I saw in 2020 within Freemasonry. Just one Mason's perspective. Link to the Post Personally, I think that in times of societal crisis, big dislocations (like COVID-19) rarely fundamentally change the course of society. What they tend more to do is...
  11. Forthright

    Freemasons Say They're Needed Now More Than Ever. So Why Are Their Ranks Dwindling?

    It's interesting to me that there is so little public acknowledgement & discussion of the craft that when one article gets posted, it gets popped on by every social site out there. This when we're talking about an international organization with millions of members. Setting apart the arguments...
  12. Forthright

    “The Dues are Too Damn High”: Disagreeing Skillfully

    A discussion on how to promote agreement in lodge, and how lodges can disagree skillfully and still retain harmony.
  13. Forthright

    Masonic Security: Prove Yourself

    How the original masons proved their cleverness with security, and how modern computing follows cues from medieval stone masons.
  14. Forthright

    UGLE has re-closed Masonic meetings in light of the worsening pandemic

    This may not be the last update, as a number of European countries are worsening (again). Here are the details.
  15. Forthright

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    It was never a bad time to talk to people in your network about it if they show interest. And to generally have conversation with good people in your life about what they want out of life. No change today. If you have the right relationship with someone, I see no harm in suggesting that they...
  16. Forthright

    A Progressive in Conservative land

    Masons are supposed to act as moral people in the world, but there's no guidebook on how to do that other than very broad general principles. It is implicitly delegated to each brother to choose how to do that. Unsurprisingly they come to radically different conclusions on the same topics...
  17. Forthright

    Data Driven Masonry

    No, actually that data is partially a demonstration of the problem. Everybody uses that data because it's practically the only data that exists on a national basis. And it's several years out of date (MSANA hasn't published it the last few years). Also "they" (who provided the data) is the...
  18. Forthright

    Data Driven Masonry

    This isn't correct -- the group itself is basically just seeking to get better insights into what is happening within the craft. Citing the declining membership numbers isn't related to an opinion about what the number should be. It's about observing I think that we don't really understand why...
  19. Forthright

    Data Driven Masonry

    They're getting started. As with all things, Freemasonry is a volunteer thing. It's useful to organize something so that people with data can show up and begin the process.
  20. Forthright

    Data Driven Masonry

    A group of brothers has organized an effort to collect data about Masonry and make it generally available, to help lodges & Grand Lodges better the craft. Continue reading...