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  1. bezobrazan

    Greetings Everyone!

    Welcome to the boards.
  2. bezobrazan

    Brother Adolphus Greenlee

    I got to agree. I haven't joined an appended body because there is so much to do at my Lodge. After I experience everything I can going through the officers line then maybe.
  3. bezobrazan

    Adults/Kids With ADD/ADHD

    I have it too. When I go to the store because I'm out of bread, milk & butter - I come back with bread, milk & doughnuts. But when I sit down to write a novel, screenplay, or comedic sketches - I literally could hyper focus & write for 12 hours straight.
  4. bezobrazan

    Little Jimmy

    R.I.P. Jimmy.
  5. bezobrazan


    Be thankful, you could have Jay Cutler as your QB.
  6. bezobrazan

    Queensland, Australia Masonic Lodge Vandalized

    The criminals who defamed the lodge would do the same to any church, synagogue, court house, police station, or any other symbolic building. They're inherently lazy and misguided. Why do your part to change the world when you could just scribble all over property?
  7. bezobrazan

    Masonic Employment Bureaus, Can we bring them back?

    The way to do it would either be: 1. - A web site only accessible by masons. Or 2. - A web site that makes the information available & then it's up the employer.
  8. bezobrazan

    Lodge Website

    Looks great! Wonderful job brother.
  9. bezobrazan

    Please help identify this Freemason symbol

    I think it"s a Labrynth.
  10. bezobrazan

    Marine Corps Freemasons

    That is an awesome emblem Jasper.
  11. bezobrazan

    My Introduction

    Good luck to you! Let us know how everything turns out.
  12. bezobrazan

    Farmer's Degree

    Sounds awesome! I love witnessing Past Masters Night, it's truly inspiring. In fact, it inspired me to overcome my nerves and ask if there was any need in helping through the line. Which they answered in an affirmative.
  13. bezobrazan

    Pleased to Meet You...

    Pleasure to meet you brother and welcome aboard. A lot of good brothers here and a lot of good discussions.
  14. bezobrazan


    Love those quotes! I feel sad for the guys who think they're joining a real lodge & have no clue. But then again, I knew very little about Masonry when I petitioned & was diligent about researching regular lodges.
  15. bezobrazan

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    That's pretty funny and careless on the part of the man giving the sign.
  16. bezobrazan


    What I don't understand is, why not join a real Lodge & be legit? These phoney baloney brothers & lodges baffle me.
  17. bezobrazan

    Ready but nervous

    They asked me to be Chaplain next year & I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Don't worry Brother, you'll be fine & do a great job. The mere fact that you're willing to accept the challenge speaks volumes about your character & determination. And it's those TWO things that will carry you...
  18. bezobrazan

    Why is it called a Blue Lodge?

    Thanks for posting that, the more I learn about the Craft, the more I love being a part of it.
  19. bezobrazan

    Memory work

    You'll be fine, just take a deep breath & keep your eyes on the guy asking all the questions.
  20. bezobrazan

    Lodge Officer Duties - Chaplain

    Next year I'm sitting in the Chaplain's chair. Glad I came across this, good read.