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  1. Bro Whalon

    New Lodge created from previous unrecognized group

    Ahhhhh! Feels good to be back amongst brothers. Wells did not get healed, maybe in due time he too will become regular.
  2. Bro Whalon

    what do you do

    Greetings Bro. I believe some brothers just dont understand that, some of you have jobs and cant always answer a summons to appear at the Grand lodge, for a general assembly meeting. when you are about a 4hr drive away this cuts into a big chunk of your work schedule. LOL Making you really use...
  3. Bro Whalon

    Masonic Etiquette, Masonic Laws, Recognition, and "certainly friendly grip"

    In agreeance with Bro Benjamin, I myself only greet on the EA. "How one may know another in the light as well as in the dark."
  4. Bro Whalon

    Shriners treatment

    Great story!
  5. Bro Whalon


    Forgot to mention that Im personally not upset at any artist who wants to admit to enjoying being apart of the craft, I only hope that if they do belong to this wonderful fraternity that they are all in with it as they say in poker. Because actors musicians athletes all of the above can reach...
  6. Bro Whalon


    Yeah i think Rick Ross has mentioned something in the song as if he was on the square, and Jay Z on the otherhand states that he is not a freemason but amazing LOL... There are a few videos out that have symbols emblems or shall i say using allegory to get messages out. However with saying this...
  7. Bro Whalon

    Cake Thoughts

    nice job
  8. Bro Whalon

    Help for a Victim

    I will send what i have, its mainly a few steven king books and stuff but if I can dig them up will definately send them to you Brother.
  9. Bro Whalon

    What does your Lodge do right?

    The charity work has done wonders for us as well.
  10. Bro Whalon

    Masons and the Military

    With all this indifference sorrounding the issue of getting a lodge to be chartered in these places of war, wouldnt it be so much easier if we cut out all the humbug and try and come to an median with the Prince Hall Lodges that are already in place. That is one of the many reasons why there are...
  11. Bro Whalon

    The Golden Mystery

    was a very good entertaining book, and thats a great write up using quotes and footnotes so to speak.
  12. Bro Whalon

    New to Forums

    Greetings I know I have gathered a few informative ideas and topics brought forward since I have been lurking around.
  13. Bro Whalon

    Would you purchase a Texas Freemason License Plate?

    It really is I wonder with this being implemented or being brought forward would they also take in consideration for a shriner themed plate as well. Im sure there is some brothers present who were all thinking it when the Masonic plates were introduced.
  14. Bro Whalon


    Greetings Bro Jack I started my journey there as well in Pride of the West #53 many many years ago.
  15. Bro Whalon


    Gary B don't quote me on this but you have a few lodges in that area, I say the earlier part cause it has been years since I have been through EL Paso but Im sure those lodges still remain they were quite active and pretty full of members. A mainstream and a couple Prince Hall Lodges, most...
  16. Bro Whalon

    new member!

    Greetings GaryB enjoy El Paso I know i did while there, didnt want to leave but Hawaii sounded so much better. The Brotherly Love is strongly rooted there atleast in my days it was so it should be even greater now.
  17. Bro Whalon

    Two Dogs Playing in the yard

    Great point Bro. Benjamin, just by replying to your thread I have touched yours and as well you mine. This a matter in which many of us have to look upon and make sure to reach out to another who is in need (who may not know it or does know it but is to prideful to reach out and let others know...