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  1. Glen Cook

    Where Did The Magick Go?

    Thanks for doing my work for me. ☺️
  2. Glen Cook

    Where Did The Magick Go?

    You are developing a reputation for making factually incorrect statements. I addressed the thread: ”As to the article, I walked into a recruiting station as a Mister.* They performed a ritual. I walked out a Naval Officer. Apparently, that was magick. Who knew?” Simply because we disagree with...
  3. Glen Cook

    Astral Projection!

    I’m willing to believe the initial comment was a mis-statement. It is the subsequent responses that lack candor.
  4. Glen Cook

    Astral Projection!

    That is a different issue. You replied to a post asking for an appendant body. Golden Dawn is not an appendant body. You know that.
  5. Glen Cook

    Where Did The Magick Go?

    The apparent plagiarism aside, you posted an article with no qualifier as to your view of the matter. When first challenged on the content, you neither disavowed the content or authorship. So, you certainly did appear to agree with the content of the article. As to the article, I walked into...
  6. Glen Cook

    Masonic Podcasts

    I don’t think podcasts will help you find meetings. There is an app called “Amity” that may.
  7. Glen Cook

    How to join

    You should contact the Grand Lodge of Ghana. I believe they have a Facebook page.
  8. Glen Cook


    The book has already been released.
  9. Glen Cook

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    Thanks. Updated my note.
  10. Glen Cook


    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no position on Freemasonry. Whether it is appropriate for a particular member is a different matter.
  11. Glen Cook

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    UGLE: there is no objection to a neutrally worded approach being made to a man who could be considered a suitable candidate for Freemasonry. There can be no objection to his being reminded, once, that the approach was made. Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft, 2013, page 36...
  12. Glen Cook

    Need an attorney who is a Mason

    Shriners are masons. I would look for an AV rated attorney. If really insistent, contact the GL of PR.
  13. Glen Cook

    Hello from not so sunny Glasgow

    A hint? When you begin on the forum, you will find that very old posts come up for you. You might want to look at the date of the post to see if any response would be timely. You may indeed think it is worthwhile to “raise it from the dead”, but you shall be responsible for the Frankenstein...
  14. Glen Cook

    Tennessee Masonic Lodge Destroyed: Local Firefighter Charged With Six Arson Fires

    Firefighter of the year. That’s going to leave someone feeling a bit awkward.
  15. Glen Cook

    Masonry Ring

    No US GL has rules on how to wear a ring, as previously indicated. There are rules and firmly enforced customs as to who may wear symbol, but not how.
  16. Glen Cook


    Your feelings are unnecessary, young brother. Very few of us are without some type of limitation. Perhaps remember the story of the widow’s mite?
  17. Glen Cook

    Masonry Ring

    There is absolutely no “proper“ way. There are rationalizations for every imaginable manner in which it may be worn, some of which involve illogical if not magical thinking. There are regional customs. But there is simply no mandated way to wear it. Best to observe and ask about customs...
  18. Glen Cook

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    My chapter is right at 5,000 miles from our US home, and an eight hour drive from our UK home.
  19. Glen Cook

    Visiting a PHA Lodge

    Correct instinct to ask. On most such issues, you would check with your grand lodge, as there is no common rule. I might also note that while MD is AF&AM and that can distinguish your GL from PHA in MD, it wouldn’t be of use everywhere.