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  1. MarkR

    Grand Lodge of Israel and Women

    That would likely cause a schism and a new Grand Lodge to be created.
  2. MarkR

    Traditional Observance Lodge in Houston, TX

    Personally, I don't see why anyone cares if someone posts in an old thread. It's better than no activity at all, which has happened to a lot of message boards in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. MarkR

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    It depends on jurisdiction. In Minnesota, I'm permitted to ask someone if they'd be interested, but I can only ask them once, and then have to leave them alone about it. Far too many possible good candidates are mistakenly under the impression that you must be invited, and since we never...
  4. MarkR

    Greetings from.UAE Abudhabi

    What help are you looking for? We cannot help you become a Mason in UAE, as it is not permitted there.
  5. MarkR

    Masonry Ring

    Brother Cook is correct, and don't let anybody tell you different. Wear it on any finger of either hand, pointing in the direction that looks best to you. People will tell you "I was told by the most knowledgeable Mason I've ever known that it's supposed to be worn . . ." but there is...
  6. MarkR

    New member in Finland

    Welcome to the beginning of your journey!
  7. MarkR

    The future of lodges

    That should be up to the lodge and the Grand Lodge they are chartered by. If the elderly brothers (and I'm in my 70s myself; the picture on the left is 7-8 years old) are still enjoying their lodge and their Masonry, I say leave them alone. If they don't attract any new members, eventually the...
  8. MarkR

    Higher levels of Masonry

    Article IV, Section 8 of the Statutes of the Supreme Council: "The Thirty-third Degree shall never be asked for, directly or indirectly, and if asked for, shall be refused."
  9. MarkR

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Welcome Brother Sam. I made my first real visit to Ohio last summer (that is, other than just passing through) to Akron for the Royal Order of Scotland meeting, then up to Cleveland for the Annual Session of the Scottish Rite, NMJ.
  10. MarkR

    Higher levels of Masonry

    I see you're in Arizona. That would be part of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. There will probably be someone in your lodge who can help you pursue Scottish Rite, but you can also go to
  11. MarkR

    Monumental Sphinxes at Scottish Rite's House of the Temple in D.C. Damaged By Vandals

    I can't tell you how angry this makes me. Morons.
  12. MarkR

    How do i get initiated into tye freemasonry

    The web site for the Grand Lodge of Ghana is out of service, but there is contact information on their Facebook page: You need to contact them to find out how to proceed.
  13. MarkR

    Hello there Honourable dear brothers I am your new member from Pakistan

    Welcome. What lodge are you a member of?
  14. MarkR

    Seriously Talented and Spiritually Inclined Man In The Concept Phase Of Free Masonry, And I Am Obsessed!

    I'd also recommend "Cracking the Freemasons' Code" by Robert L.D. Cooper.
  15. MarkR

    Seriously Talented and Spiritually Inclined Man In The Concept Phase Of Free Masonry, And I Am Obsessed!

    If I was to meet with you as a petitioner to my lodge, I'd be extremely concerned that you have entirely the wrong image of what Freemasonry is and what knowledge you were going to gain. Both the Crowley obsession and the cyanide reference give me pause.
  16. MarkR

    new newber

    What's KL?
  17. MarkR


    This was already answered in another thread. Don't post the same question in multiple forums.
  18. MarkR

    Can some one help me to become a freemason please
  19. MarkR

    My great grandpas papers

    And that's just what it looks like: a Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Scottish Rite 33rd Degree patent.